Monday, February 21, 2005

Diary of a Teenage Girl by Melody Carlson

The reader feels like ones life is being lived throughout the novel. Caitlin is the main female character throughout the book. We follow Caitlin's life through college, and she eventually meets the man of her life, Josh. Caitlin has known Josh since high school. We then have the opportunity to go through Caitlin's planning, and organizing her Wedding. One of her good friends Beanie takes the project upon herself to design Caitlin's Wedding dress. Beanie is a fashion major, and she creates a gorgeous gown for Caitlin.
Caitlin and Josh do not have very much money for the Wedding that they are planning, but because of their friends and family their Wedding is one of the best ever held in their area. Caitlin, the bride to be, is more concerned with following God's plan then having the perfect Wedding. Her future mother-in-law (Josh's mother) is always talking and taking Caitlin to search for her Wedding dress in expensive boutiques. So in the end the Wedding dress fashioned by Beanie is the most. The day of the Wedding at St. Mathew's Church the crowd was overwhelmed and surprised by Caitlin's dress. Her dress would be the talk of the town for months to come. The mother-in-law was left speechless.
This novel is well written, and depicts a typical college girl's thoughts on Weddings. The book also studies what goes on behind the scenes when planning a Wedding. I recommend this book to any female who is planning her great Event-Marriage.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

How I Live Now - Meg Rosoff

How I Live Now is the story about fifteen year old Elizabeth, who is sent to England to live with her Aunt Penn and her cousins Edmond, Piper, Isaac, and Osbert. At first she doesn't like it and is not accustomed to the ways of English relatives. After a few weeks she begins to accept her new surroundings and family. Aunt Penn goes off to Oslo for a presentation, and then a few days later war breaks out in England. Elizabeth, Edmond, Piper, Isaac, and Osbert start taking care of themselves, and a few weeks after the war starts the Military comes and takes Piper and Elizabeth away. They go to live with Major McEvoy and his wife. After a few weeks the Major dies and the house where Piper and Elizabeth comes under enemy fire. Piper and Elizabeth have to survive on what the land has to offer. They find apples, blackberrys, and other things for food. Eventually they make their way back to their home and after days of getting the house livable again Elizabeth's dad calls and takes her back to New York. Elizabeth goes back to England six years later and finds that everyone has changed. Some for the better and some for the worse, especially Edmond. I found this book to be enjoyable from beginning to end. It shows how war can affect everyone and everything, even if you aren't on the battlefield fighting. It also shows the struggle to survive in times of war with limited amounts of food and water.

Tom Burnham

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Eye Candy - R.L.Stine

Lindy Sampson is too gorgeous for her own good. Her beauty intimidates guys so they don't ask her out. Internet dating seems like the perfect solution and with an awesome cyber name like "Eye Candy" Lindy is getting lots of responses. Before Lindy knows it she is dating four guys at the same time! Everything seems to be going great until she starts getting creepy threats that warn: "Don't say no, Lindy. Keep going out with me. I'll mess you up if you ever say no." Now Lindy is forced to keep saying yes to dates with all four guys and hope she can recognize the killer among them before she becomes his next victim. Note: This story has a lot of exciting twists that make it a real page turner!!!