Monday, October 26, 2009

Doomed Queen Anne By: Caroline Meyer

This is a Historical novel that appeals to teens that are interested in History from the early 1500's during King Henry the VIII reign. The King was obsessed in having a male that would carry on as heir to the throne in England King Henry the VIII was married to a Queen Catherine, who only bore a female Mary.King Henry VII was always trying to get his marriage annuled, so he could marry whomever. The problem for King Henry VIII he had to get authority directly from the Pope in Rome concerning annulment from Queen Catherine. King Henry VIII had a roving eye, when the female was good looking, and able to bear children. In fact, the King had mistresses, who had children out of marriage, who were not considered to be heir, or in line for the throne.

When Anne tried to be noticed by King Henry VIII it took a long time . First of all, Anne did not have appeal, or looks for the King to be attracted to Anne. Anne was awkward, and also had a 6th finger on her hand. Another big problem, was Anne didnot go to bed with the King untill she was married. Finally Anne gave in, and because of this she became pregnant, and had a baby girl named Princess Elizabeth, who took the tittle Princess of Wales. Queen Anne was crowned, but she had two pregnancies, but lost the babies and they were females.
Towards the end of the novel King VIII is tired of Anne so she is ordered to be beheaded.
The novel is a good read and I recommend it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Call Me Henri By:Lorraine Lopez

This novel depicts a middle school boy, who faces abuse by his Step-Father Juan, but keeps up his good grades at School. Henri at times at the Peralta Middle School, which could be any place in the United States.
Henri's Mom works in a tortilla factory, and leaves her triplets to be minded by her second husband, Juan who is an alcoholic.
When Henri comes home from school he takes care of his brothers . He feeds them, and changes them. This means that Henri is not able to participate in after school activities.
Henri has a dream, and desire to drop his ESL classes, an d start learning French. He would like to be immersed in French. Henri is barely missed when he is barely shot in a drive-by shooting. The only problem is that Henri saw the shooter's face that he recognized as "Pirata" from School. Now Henri has a dilemma . The shooter, "Pirata," now is looking for Henri to ask many questions with what happen that day. Now Henri is a walking has he trys to avoid Pirata.
Fortunately, Henri was able to switch from ESL classes, to French classes, which was his dream.
The French teacher, Monsieur Nassour, arranged for Henri to spend 1 year in Montreal,Quebec Canada to learn French. Henri will live with a French Canadian family.
Henri had a dog he loved called D0g. Before leaving for Canada he gave his dog to an older lady who loves the dog too.
The novel is really worthwhile to read and I recommend very much.

LRD 10/20/09

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Prism by Faye Kellerman and Aliza Kellerman

Health care seems to be a big issue in the world today and this novel takes it one step further - to a world where there is no such thing as health care. What would happen if there were no doctors, hospitals, pills? It would be one thing if you grew up in that world, it would be a completely different thing if you landed in that world, completely aware of what was lacking.

Kaida and two classmates (Zeke and Joy) went on a class trip that ended in a horrific car accident. Seeking shelter from the desert rain, the three teens find themselves trapped in a cave. As they search for an escape route, they stumble down a hole and into a blinding light. When they wake up, it's a week earlier but things aren't the same. People act crazy when you mention being sick and have no idea what a nurse is. To make matters worse, Kaida, Zeke, and Joy all had the same strange dream and Joy is even suffering from an injury she sustained in the dream. As the three search for the truth, they make new friends, desperate for a better life where it isn't survival of the fittest. The bigger question is, will the three return to their world?

When I first picked up the book, I thought it was going to be like the movie Final Destination where the main character catches a glimpse of the future and tries to stop something bad from happening. I was glad to see this wasn't the case. The first few pages start off a little choppy - the language isn't very smooth - but it gets better as the story progresses. What I liked about this was that it held my attention. Once they entered the new world, I wanted to know what was going on. When I learned the truth, I needed to know how things were going to work out. That's not to say that it's perfect. The ending was almost too easy. It could have used another twist but that could work in two ways - making the reader groan at the thought that another book would be the same story or excited about the prospect of another book with an interesting twist on society. It also felt like there were a few unanswered questions. While Iona Boyd was explained, I thought an actual appearance by this character might throw in a nice monkey wrench like if she appeared in the end. I really think that this story could have been pushed further.

This book turned out a lot more interesting that I originally thought. It started off rocky but really came through. The ending could have been better, but it works. When I think about it, it still has the chance of being a different world in which case, yay for the author. I just wish the ending hadn't been such a nice little bow.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Beautiful World by Anastasia Hollings

This book is the beginning of a series but I disliked the characters so much, I don't know that I want to read any more books. The only reason I would pick up a sequel would be to see the one character get her just desserts, but what's to say that it will only be a two book series? I don't think that I could stomach much more of these characters' deception and naivety.

Amelia will do anything and everything to live the life of the rich and glamorous, including lying, cheating, and stealing. On vacation in St. Bart's (her father is a tutor), she and her brother meet Courtney - a wealthy heiress. With a few calculated compliments, Amelia befriends Courtney - partially because Courtney thinks Amelia's brother is hot - and continues to plot her way into the wealthy lifestyle. Courtney's suspicious best-friend Piper might throw a kink into her plans, but Amelia is always on her guard, ready to do whatever it takes to keep this life she's created.

This whole novel is about Amelia befriending Courtney and suckering her into doing whatever she wants. I ended up disliking Amelia - which I think is the point - but I also disliked Courtney. I think you're supposed to feel sorry for her because she's being taken advantage of - and I do, a bit - but the girl is a complete sucker! At the beginning of the novel she came off as weary of new people, but yet she's so willing to accept Amelia. She isn't the least bit suspicious when everything out of Amelia's mouth is dead on to Courtney's likes (only because Amelia knows everything there is to know about the heiress.) I understand the desire to want to have friends, but Courtney needs to stop and smell the roses, especially when everything seems too good to be true.

This novel ends with Amelia fearing she'd been found out, but that's not the case because if the truth comes out, there can't be another novel. The problem is, though, that the story is going to get old really fast. I'm already sick of Amelia's lies and Courtney's gullibility. It is sad that Courtney and Amelia's brother are going to suffer for the girl's deception, but I want nothing more than to see this girl's downfall. I just don't know that I can sit through multiple more books of her lies. One book would have been more than enough to do tackle this subject.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Perfect Chemistry By: Simone Elkeles

Perfect Chemistry is a must read for those who like to read teen love stories. The story takes at Fairfield High School in the suburbs of Chicago. A cheerleader, Brittany Ellis, and a local Blood gang member, Alex Fuentes, find themselves to have more in common then they thought.

Brittany is a rich cheerleader with the quarterback football player Collin, and parents who she rarely gets to see. Brittany works really hard to keep her outer image as perfect as possible. She has the latest trends, her hair, makeup, body are perfect, and she hangs out with the most popular crowd. However, she keeps her not so perfect life at home to herself. Her twenty two year old sister had a disability were she needs to be watched twenty four seven, her mother is a perfectionist, and her father spends most of his time at work whether he's at the office or at home.

Alex Fuentes is a Blood gang member. His father was also in the gang and he was shot when Alex was just seven years old. Since then Alex decided to join in order to protect his mother and two brothers and find out who killed his father. All his friends are affiliated with the gang. His " girl" is Carmen, a beautiful but mean girl who is also part of the gang and has problems being faithful. Alex is truthful to his gang and never lets anything get in his way. He strong, handsome, smart, and he is a womanizer. He lives in the lower class suburbs and his whole town is run by the head gang member, Hector.

When these two very different people are paired up in chemistry class Brittany cannot believe it. She hates him while Alex places his bet with his friends to see if he can get in her pants by the end of their senior year. However, plans change when Alex and Brittany soon begin to find that they have more in common than they thought and they find truth and comfort within themselves. From Brittany's boyfriend Collin, to Alex's Blood family, they both find themselves through many obstacles. Will Brittany be able to stop being such a perfectionist and show her true self? Will Alex quit the blood and go to college for the one he loves? Through the many obstacles that are put in front of them , find out if there love can surpass these obstacles, or if it will end in complete tragedy. GV

Monday, October 05, 2009

Just Like Us. Helen Thorpe

This is a true story of many Hispanics that live amongst our society of the United States. This novel takes place during President's Bush time as a Pressident with his Immigration policies. In this novel, we follow four young women from their prom in High School , and their desire to attend College. The problem is two of the young ladies are undocumented foreigners; who do not qualify for scholarships. Their grades are excellent, but the papers of their status were not in order for Immigration.
Marisela, and Yadira are two females good students, but without Immigration status. Elisa and Clara were born in the United States, so their papers are in order. All four girls in the group join a Soriority at College. By the way , this all takes place near Denver,Colorado where many illegal live. The four girls aspirations were to the max, Marisela wanted to attend Law School but didnot have her papers for Immigration in order. By that, I mean she was a Mexican who didnot have a green card, or American citizenship.
Marisela had a boyfriend Julio, who she dropped, and took back, and ended up having a baby with him. Marisela had the baby in the United States. Marisela ended up having a small family a small family wedding.
This novel demonstraates the hardships of the hispanics must go through in order to meet, or obtain their goal in life. This still is a problem in the United States re: illegal aliens, . It is a growing concern that needs to be fixed. The novel was a very informative, but true to life. The novel was well written, and full of facts. LRD 10/5/09