Monday, October 05, 2009

Just Like Us. Helen Thorpe

This is a true story of many Hispanics that live amongst our society of the United States. This novel takes place during President's Bush time as a Pressident with his Immigration policies. In this novel, we follow four young women from their prom in High School , and their desire to attend College. The problem is two of the young ladies are undocumented foreigners; who do not qualify for scholarships. Their grades are excellent, but the papers of their status were not in order for Immigration.
Marisela, and Yadira are two females good students, but without Immigration status. Elisa and Clara were born in the United States, so their papers are in order. All four girls in the group join a Soriority at College. By the way , this all takes place near Denver,Colorado where many illegal live. The four girls aspirations were to the max, Marisela wanted to attend Law School but didnot have her papers for Immigration in order. By that, I mean she was a Mexican who didnot have a green card, or American citizenship.
Marisela had a boyfriend Julio, who she dropped, and took back, and ended up having a baby with him. Marisela had the baby in the United States. Marisela ended up having a small family a small family wedding.
This novel demonstraates the hardships of the hispanics must go through in order to meet, or obtain their goal in life. This still is a problem in the United States re: illegal aliens, . It is a growing concern that needs to be fixed. The novel was a very informative, but true to life. The novel was well written, and full of facts. LRD 10/5/09

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