Monday, February 27, 2012

Paranormal By:Kiersten White

This novel is about the Merging Paranormal Activities. In this novel, we see lots of paranormal activities and we are introduced to some paranormals.

This is the first novel in the series, so there is more to come.

Evelyn, or Evie is a teenager , who is normal . She can detect paranormal activities,, and she is an agent for the International Agency for the Merging Paranormal Activities. (A.I.C.P.) Evelyn works with two agents Lend and Reth. Lend and Reth attend the annual dance to observe.

During Evelyn's investigations, Evelyn discovers that danger is surrounding her.
The novel was intense in some places, but no matter what,I liked the novel. There's a lot I did not understand . Hopefully more will be explained in future books in the series. This novel is a great
start to the series, it explains a lot about Evelyn's beginnings in her life .

Rosie &LRD 2/27/12