Thursday, September 28, 2006

Alice in the Know By:Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

This is a series of books written by the author, using many of her own experiences as she was growing up. This novel and the Alice series, makes the reader feel that the author understands what real girls think, and feel.

This book deals with Alice's summer before her junior year in high school. Alice is excited about her three months of excitement, passion, and drama. She Alice ends up working in a Department Store catching shop lifter's. Alice also encounters "real life" problems that she never imagined. Her Dad dates a woman, and lone behold gets engaged. Alice's Mother has been out of the equation for a longtime.

Alice finds out what happens in the real world at a job when you do not advise the right Supervisor when you go on vacation. When Alice returns from a good vacation with family she is fired. Alice cannot believe the outcome of her job. She discussed her vacation with her immediate boss in the Department.

By the end of summer, Alice learned a lot more than she realized . This novel is a good read for female teens. It is well written, and exciting too.
LRD 9/21/06

The Tarot Cafe by San-Sun Park

Pamela is the owner of the Tarot Cafe and she reads the tarot cards for the Vampires, fairies, and the other creaturs that live among the humans. The first story is about a feline woman who is a whishing cat that can grant 3 wishes before dying. The second story is about a vampire looking for his long lost love. The third story is about a fairy trying to get home to marry her fiance while being trapped in a young girls body. The fourth story is about a taxidermist who makes dolls come to life, and is trying to get his lover to smile and show emotion. If you like vampires, fairies, and other worldly creatures you are sure to like this first volume in The Tarot Cafe series.

T.B. 9/28/06

Monday, September 25, 2006

Brunettes Strike Back By:Kieran Scott

This is a fantastic book about trials, and tribulations of high school life. This book is fun, and very relaxing to read. The book does not only deal with high school problems,but specifically to do with a cheerleading squad, and their endeavors to achieve their noriety. This is so true when you actually become a cheerleader, and live what this book tries to point out. As a cheerleader, you must stop and be true to one's self, and beliefs. In this book there are many pressures revealed , and goals accomplished. You also have rivals between the squads, and great competition between the cheerleaders.

The cheerleaders from differesnt high schools go to the state competition to see who is number one squad. In the end, it is a close competition, and the unsuspecting squad wins the first place trophy.

I enjoyed the book very much, because I felt it was true when cheerleaders get together socially, they even try to compete amongst each other. Just to tell you, I was a cheerleader in 8th grade, so the book was right on. I relived many experiences that I encountered as a cheerleader.

LRD 9/25/06

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sleeper Code by Tom Sniegoski

Tom Lovett has Queintin's narcolepsy, where he can have narcoleptic attacks that can last from 1-5 days. Little does he know that the narcolepsy is just a cover to who and what he truly is, an assassin. Right before a serious attack Tom meets Madison, who is spending the summer with her aunt and uncle who live next door to the Lovett's. After an attack that takes 5 days away from his life Tom is unconsciously put into the back of a black van and taken to West Virgina. During his unconscious state he has a conversation with Dr. Queintin and he explains to Tom what is going on. There are two personalities in Tom's brain and now is the time to merge them into one person. At first Tom doesn't believe it, but when he meets his double he starts to see that everything is true. He runs back to his parents house and Madison asks him where he's been and he tells her everything that happened. She doesn't believe him but when she is kidnapped, and sees Tom go after the kidnappers she believes him. When Tom and Madison learn that the Lovett's aren't really his parents and that the government is planning to blow up both houses, Madison and Tom must save Madison's aunt and uncle from being blown to bits.
T.B. 9/20/06

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Gracious Plenty by Sheri Reynolds

Finch, who is disfigured and has long tended the towns cemetary is permitted by the mediator to communicate with those buried there. Those who can communicate. Those who have not yet told/faced their true stories and faded away. Finch has her own true story and false story to tell. She has things brought on from outside herself like a lifetime of name calling and rejection and things brought on by her inner self that she grows to recognize as time goes on. The interaction between Finch and the dead including her father, Lucy a girl who commited suicide, baby Marcus Livingston, unable to talk and tell his true story he screams and screams coupled with the interaction of Finch with the town folks such as the town police officer, Lucy's mom and others drive this story. Perfect for those who appreciated THE LOVELY BONES
JDW 9/9/06

The Road of The Dead by Kevin Brooks

This is a weird, edgy suspense story. Cole and Ruben set off to Devon England to bring home the body of their sister Rachel who was murdered while walking to her friend's home late one night. Although the brothers thought they were just bringing Rachel Home they quickly find themselves investigating the circumstances surrounding her death. Ruben true dreams and even can communicate mentally with Cole though angry Cole who may have once killed someone himself resists his own abilities. The boys are of gypsy heritage and learn that Rachel was not likely to have been the target of the attack as well as the identy of the "dead man" who they believe is guilty of the attack from the gypsies at a nearby camp. Cole uses physicaly force which almost gets himself and his younger brother both killed as he delves into the secrets the community holds until finally the boys can leave with Rachel, their qestions answered. They can go home and bury their beloved sister. Just when you think you understand everything - you find out you don't! JDW 9/9/06

Friday, September 01, 2006


This one is for readers of Dean Koontz, especially ODD THOMAS. Tim Underhill's sister in law commits suicide. Shortly after his nephew, Mark, disappears, thought to be one more victim of an apparent serial killer. Tim returns to his home town in support of his brother and to see if he can learn what happened to Mark with the help of a friend known to be a savvy investigator.
Almost immediately Tim's investigations focus on a strange vacant house backdoor to his brother. The house has a cement wall topped with barbed wire across the entire back making it impossible to see into the yard. Mark had recently become very interested in this house. He seemed to be drawn their by the essence of a girl in spite of the appearance of a hulking dark faceless figure. The fact that this house was formerly owned by Joseph Kalendar, serial killer and cousin to Tim's sister-in-law. Mark's investigations reveal hidden stairs, chilling old evidence that police had missed and an essence that keeps drawing him back, until he disappears. Meanwhile the police are focusing on a nearby park where teens gather and where the boys who have disappeared were last seen. Tim's friend pulls together the pieces of the puzzle. An elderly neighbor who once knew the original serial killer and kept close watch on the house also adds to the story in surprising ways. Tim receives two e-mail's from his nephew, both after the boy disappears assuring that he, the lost boy and the lost girl are ok - somewhere unknown to the living...
jdw 9/1/06