Monday, September 25, 2006

Brunettes Strike Back By:Kieran Scott

This is a fantastic book about trials, and tribulations of high school life. This book is fun, and very relaxing to read. The book does not only deal with high school problems,but specifically to do with a cheerleading squad, and their endeavors to achieve their noriety. This is so true when you actually become a cheerleader, and live what this book tries to point out. As a cheerleader, you must stop and be true to one's self, and beliefs. In this book there are many pressures revealed , and goals accomplished. You also have rivals between the squads, and great competition between the cheerleaders.

The cheerleaders from differesnt high schools go to the state competition to see who is number one squad. In the end, it is a close competition, and the unsuspecting squad wins the first place trophy.

I enjoyed the book very much, because I felt it was true when cheerleaders get together socially, they even try to compete amongst each other. Just to tell you, I was a cheerleader in 8th grade, so the book was right on. I relived many experiences that I encountered as a cheerleader.

LRD 9/25/06

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