Friday, September 01, 2006


This one is for readers of Dean Koontz, especially ODD THOMAS. Tim Underhill's sister in law commits suicide. Shortly after his nephew, Mark, disappears, thought to be one more victim of an apparent serial killer. Tim returns to his home town in support of his brother and to see if he can learn what happened to Mark with the help of a friend known to be a savvy investigator.
Almost immediately Tim's investigations focus on a strange vacant house backdoor to his brother. The house has a cement wall topped with barbed wire across the entire back making it impossible to see into the yard. Mark had recently become very interested in this house. He seemed to be drawn their by the essence of a girl in spite of the appearance of a hulking dark faceless figure. The fact that this house was formerly owned by Joseph Kalendar, serial killer and cousin to Tim's sister-in-law. Mark's investigations reveal hidden stairs, chilling old evidence that police had missed and an essence that keeps drawing him back, until he disappears. Meanwhile the police are focusing on a nearby park where teens gather and where the boys who have disappeared were last seen. Tim's friend pulls together the pieces of the puzzle. An elderly neighbor who once knew the original serial killer and kept close watch on the house also adds to the story in surprising ways. Tim receives two e-mail's from his nephew, both after the boy disappears assuring that he, the lost boy and the lost girl are ok - somewhere unknown to the living...
jdw 9/1/06

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