Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Tarot Cafe by San-Sun Park

Pamela is the owner of the Tarot Cafe and she reads the tarot cards for the Vampires, fairies, and the other creaturs that live among the humans. The first story is about a feline woman who is a whishing cat that can grant 3 wishes before dying. The second story is about a vampire looking for his long lost love. The third story is about a fairy trying to get home to marry her fiance while being trapped in a young girls body. The fourth story is about a taxidermist who makes dolls come to life, and is trying to get his lover to smile and show emotion. If you like vampires, fairies, and other worldly creatures you are sure to like this first volume in The Tarot Cafe series.

T.B. 9/28/06

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