Thursday, September 28, 2006

Alice in the Know By:Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

This is a series of books written by the author, using many of her own experiences as she was growing up. This novel and the Alice series, makes the reader feel that the author understands what real girls think, and feel.

This book deals with Alice's summer before her junior year in high school. Alice is excited about her three months of excitement, passion, and drama. She Alice ends up working in a Department Store catching shop lifter's. Alice also encounters "real life" problems that she never imagined. Her Dad dates a woman, and lone behold gets engaged. Alice's Mother has been out of the equation for a longtime.

Alice finds out what happens in the real world at a job when you do not advise the right Supervisor when you go on vacation. When Alice returns from a good vacation with family she is fired. Alice cannot believe the outcome of her job. She discussed her vacation with her immediate boss in the Department.

By the end of summer, Alice learned a lot more than she realized . This novel is a good read for female teens. It is well written, and exciting too.
LRD 9/21/06

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