Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Road of The Dead by Kevin Brooks

This is a weird, edgy suspense story. Cole and Ruben set off to Devon England to bring home the body of their sister Rachel who was murdered while walking to her friend's home late one night. Although the brothers thought they were just bringing Rachel Home they quickly find themselves investigating the circumstances surrounding her death. Ruben true dreams and even can communicate mentally with Cole though angry Cole who may have once killed someone himself resists his own abilities. The boys are of gypsy heritage and learn that Rachel was not likely to have been the target of the attack as well as the identy of the "dead man" who they believe is guilty of the attack from the gypsies at a nearby camp. Cole uses physicaly force which almost gets himself and his younger brother both killed as he delves into the secrets the community holds until finally the boys can leave with Rachel, their qestions answered. They can go home and bury their beloved sister. Just when you think you understand everything - you find out you don't! JDW 9/9/06

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