Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dance of the Assassins by: Herve Jubert

This is book one in The Devil's Dances Trilogy of Jubert.

I didn't know quite well what to think about this novel, it was pretty weird. In the book the main character is Roberta who works for the ministry of defense and is also a witch. She partners up with a fresh out of the academy cop to go to the historical city of London and find a killer. These historical cities are tourist spots that made out to be famous cities from certain time periods. London is set in the late 19th century . The whole time I wondered what was the actual time period of the book but there was no reference to what year it was.

What they find is that Roberta and Clement (rookie cop) have stumbled on a diabolical plot to summon the root of all evil, Satan himself. Now Roberta and Clement must travel to different historical places and stop this evil plan from unfolding. The book has a fantasy feel for it but it soesn't run the whole novel. Its a good thriller novel.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Last Chance in Texas By: John Hubner

This is a detailed account of a way one remarkable prison tries to rehabilitates its inmates in Texas. The teens are convicted of crimes ranging from aggravated assault to murder. This is a moving story about the teens, who grow up to inflict on others, the violence that they themselves have suffered.

I learned that youth who grow up abused, and neglected learn to hide themselves in coping. Violence has to do with fraud. It's about trying to feel alive in an environment where you feel dead.

We need to remember, we've got to make teens take responsibility for their actions.

On the whole, I reccomend this book to anyone teen, or adult who wants to read about hope, and light in this violent, and cruel society.

LRD 12/17/05

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Witch Dreams - Vivian Vande Velde

Witch Dreams is the story about a sixteen-year-old girl named Nyssa who is a witch. She has the power to enter peoples dreams. She does this by having a token from that person, whether it be a lock of hair, a piece of clothing, or something the person has touched or owned. Six years ago her parents were murdered and now she wants to find out who murdered them. With her powers she enters the dreams of Elsdon, the person who was accused six years ago of the murder, to find out the truth about her parents murder.

Tom Burnham

DARK ANGEL by David Klass

Are human brains controlled chemically? Are we really making choices or can behavior be reduced to chemical reactions. Is there such a thing as good and evil? Can people be blamed for what they do? Jeff's brother has just been released from the penitentiary after serving 5 years for murder. Is he really a reformed man or is he still the cold calculating, brilliant, manipulative person Jeff remembers him to be? How will Troy's return affect Jeff's life and that of his emotionally fragil mother? When classmate Franchise Fraser disappears, Jeff suspects his brother is behind it. But, there is more to the case than it at first seems. Still it is Jeff, just as brilliant as his brother who unravels the entire scheme. Does that make Jeff like his brother?
In a lot of ways this reads like the very famous "Silence of the Lambs" but for a slightly younger audience. JDW 12/13/05

Monday, December 05, 2005

Lord Loss: by Darren Shan

Grubbs is just a ordinary kid with a some what normal family, some what mainly due to the fact that his family is obsessed with the game of chess. As the family gets ready for a ballet and Grubbs not really into it, he spends the day with his aunt. Grubbs though senses that his family is up to something and he is determined to find out what the problem is.

Grubbs finds out that family is still at home and he makes his way up to his big sister's room, knowing imediatly that something is terriably wrong. What he finds is that family is no more and the name of the monster that did this to him, Lord Loss. Can Grubbs get himself together and face this demon before it consumes his life and what is Lord Loss's link to Grubbs Great Grandfather that he has to worry about as well?

Shan is one of the great writers for young adults in the horror genre. A good read for his first book in the Demonata Series.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Room On Lorelei Street by Pearson

It meant freedom from caring for her alcoholic, dependent mother. It meant freedom to have a little for herself for a change, privacy, a place to entertain friends and even someone who cared that she was one of the top tennis players on her school team. But ultimately she couldn't stay, grandma tried too hard to prevent that, unexpected money problems got in the way, finally she even had to give up her beloved tennis-but there is hope for a better future here for the girl from the toxic family, just like in Helen Frost's Keesha's House

Dead Girls Don't Write Letters by Gail Giles

Jazz has always been the perfect kid, parents favorite. Sunny has always been considered difficult. Jazz moves from home and is killed in an apartment fire. When a girl arrives at the family home claiming to be Jazz, but isn't Sunny investigates and discovers the real truth. Except that things are not as they seem in this psychological mystery-page turner.
JDW 11/05

Monday, November 21, 2005

Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

This is an unforgettable story that stays with you for years . In this novel you experience love, guilt, and fear. This story concerns itself about a relationship between fathers, and sons. This novel takes place in Afghanistan, and deals with their culture too.

We find ourselves being acquainted with Amir, who has a close friendship with Hassan the son of his Father's servant. This is a novel of life in a beautiful country torn apart. This novel depicts Afghanistan about 30 years ago.

This is a book that appeals to me, because you can learn about a new culture that has been through many hard times, and many times long forgotten. It is interesting to note, the author Khaled Hosseini is the only Afghan author writing in English.

LRD 11/21/05

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Theories of Relativity by Barbara Haworth-Attard

To be a teenager thrown out of your own home with nothing and to try to live on the streets and stay straight is tough, really tough. This is Dylan's situation. Every kid on the street has his or her own horror story they try not to share with each other. Staying drug free, getting enough money for a meal, staying warm, keeping from being taken advantage of by thieves and worse, getting cleaned up are all big challenges. There is hope of escape here, but it is slim.

JDW 11/15

The Will of the Empress by Tamora Pierce

If you read the Circle of Magic series then you would probably want to read this too. The four mages are all grown up now. They go together to visit Sandry's homeland so she can care for business concerning her inheritance there. Its a kind of nasty place for a rich female heir. Any male can kidnap any unwed female and force her to marry him. Males always control the inheritance, when there is one, even if it isn't there's to begin with. Sandry is fabulously wealthy so she gets kidnapped, not just once. Her companions must reforge friendships and their mind connections to rescue her. Since they have all been traumatized by their recent experiences and do not want to share with each other, it requires learning to trust again. This book has some romance in it as well as magical adventures and they discover a mage who thinks he is insane, not a mage.


Sandpiper by Ellen Wittlinger

Sandpiper is one of those girls who jumps from boy to boy, and most her relationships don't last more than a few weeks. After she breaks up with Derek, she encounters a mysterious boy named Walker. He likes to walk places and not drive anywhere. He avoids answering her questions about his past when Piper asks him, but in time his secret will come out. Piper (aka Sandpiper) asks for his help when Derek threatens her sister and her. On top of all this Pipers mother is getting married and her soon to be step-sister Rachel is living with them too. With everything going on can Walker help Piper deal with Derek, as well as his own past? Can Piper become a better person with the help of Walker and her family?

Tom Burnham

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Keeper by: Mal Peet

The best journalist in South America is given the opportunity to interview arguably the best soccer player in the world. No, he is not a scoring machine but a goalkeeper. Just two days since he won the World Cup for his national team, "El Gato" tells his story of his troubled youth. "El Gato" tells how he was a terrible player until one day he wandered into the Amazon jungle and encountered something that forever changed his life. What did "El Gato" find that turned him into the greatest goalkeeper in history?
RH. 11-2-05

Monday, October 24, 2005

In Search of Walid Masoud by: Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

This novel is an outstanding novel of Palestinian Literature. I must admit, this is my first experience of reading Palestinian literature.
It deals with culture, and customs very foreign to me, but quite intriguing . The main character Walid Masoud of the novel just disappears one day.
Masoud is an intellectual that is a member of an organization that deals with the arms struggle against Israel. Walid leaves behind a badly made tape that no one can decifer .

The novel is exciting, but very complicated to understand all the intricates, and how the Western, and Islamic cultures work.

Towards the end of the novel, their is a woman convinced that Masoud is alive with another identity, and living in another city. The woman is so convinced , that she flies to that city to search for Masoud.
The novel is challenging, and a great book.

LD. 10-24-05

Fair Weather By: Richard Peck

This is a novel based on the World's Fair in 1893 that took place in Chicago, Il. It is amazing to me that we still enter one of the Buildings used in that Exposition Fair, yes, it is the Museum of Science, & Industry that most people have visited at one time.

The book begins where we meet the Beckett family who are country bumpkins, but poor farmers that make due with their situation. Even the Granddad lives with the family. Lone behold, Rosie Beckett receives a letter from her sister in Chicago. She is inviting the family by placing the train tickets in the letter envelope. The Mother in the end, gives up her opportunity to go, and lets Granddad go.

The Aunt in Chicago has to buy new clothes for the whole family if they want to go anywhere in Chicago. At the Fair they meet Buffalo Bill, who happens to recognize Granddad Fuller. They had fought in some Wars together.

The book was good, but not one of my favorites.

LRD 10/24/05

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Code Orange - Caroline B. Cooney

Code Orange starts off with your normal high school student not wanting to do his science report. Mitty wants to become a rock star and doesn't see the point of doing some science report. At his family's weekend home his mother purchased some old medical texts from the 1890's and in one of them there is an envelope marked Scabs-VM epidemic, 1902, Boston. Mitty handles the scabs and then puts them back in the envelope. As he does more research into Variola Major he finds out that it is Smallpox. As the days progress Mitty believes that he contracted smallpox, as he starts showing symptoms of the virus. He goes on-line and says that he has smallpox scabs and doesn't want them anymore, which gets the attention of the CDC, the FBI, and illegal aliens. Mitty is then kidnapped and held for a few days. Does Mitty have smallpox? Do the illegal aliens want to use him as a carrier to infect major cities around the world, or use the virus for bioterrorism?

Tom Burnham

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Eve Green by Susan Fletcher

This won an award for first novel. Eve 21-tears-old remembers back to the year she was 8 and back to other events leading to the present while she waits out a hot dry summer and her first pregnancy. Thats the year her mother died and the year she met Daniel - 16 years older and father of her first child. Its the year she became friends with and lost Billy Macklin who survived being kicked in the head by a horse, the year Rosie disappeared, the year she learned the name of the father she had never seen, who had never seen her. She shares her deep love for Daniel, 16-years-older and an understanding of her father Kiernan who showed her mother how life ought to be lived, gleaned from mementos in her mother's memory box. This is mostly a sweet romance and maybe one for Nicholas Sparks Fans.


Friday, October 07, 2005

The Whispering Road by Livi Michael

In the 1830's in England when parents could not care for their children they were left at workhouses. The food was limited, work hard. Children were sold off to farmers to run farms and apprenticed to any sort of folk. They often died young. Here's a story of two such kids, a brother and sister who escaped and searched for their mother. Surviving was tough. Misadvenventures were many. Death was always just around the corner. Joe hadn't much talent but could survive by his witts. Annie on the other hand who could see ghosts and rarely talked was nearly lost. For teens not yet ready for Dicken's longer tales.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Chasing Vermeer By Blue Balliett

When I chose this novel, I believed that it was concerning about the Dutch painter Vermeer. Little did I know, the book was to do with strange occurences that happened to two teens Petra, & Calder. An odd old lady makes friends with the teens, & at the same time an invaluable painting by Vermeer vanishes. Lone behold, Petra, & Calder are right in the middle of an International Art Scandal. Petra, & Calder are curious of course, & they pursue clue by clue, as they try to unravel the mystery of the famous Art. They try to rely on their intuition, & of course their problem solving techniques. Also their little knowledge of Vermeer. Petra, & Calder are getting deeper into the problem that the F.B. I. was not able to solve.
The book is a good read. Espcially, for people wh enjoy problem solving, & mysteries.

LRD 10-1-05

Tree Girl By:Ben Mikaelsen

This book is very vivid, & can be thought of as a true story that could happen, & takes place at the beginning in Guatemala, & ends up in Mexico. Gabriela is the oldest daughter of a Guatemalan farmer . He allows Gabriela to attend school , when it should be the oldest, which is a son. Gabriela is called tree girl , because she enjoys climbing them, to see the sun rise, & what's happening around. Many times, & this one time Gabriela saw the guerilla's rape, & murder, massacre a complete town including women, & children.
Gabriela looses her whole family, but her little sister Alicia, goes days without eating normally. She finds berries, & roots on the trail. Gabriela's search for Alicia, & for somewhere safe to live, it becomes a search for self. She (Gabriela) hopes to claim a new life. Gabriela is only 15 by the way, & she eventually finds her youngeer sister who is became a mute from trauma. The little sister, Alicia lost her Mother, & witnessed horrible events. She, & Gabriela are reunited, & weeks of teaching her love, & attention Alicia becomes better adjusted.
To me the book is very exciting, & worth every page.
LRD 10-1-05

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Black and White by Volponi

If you and your best buddy did something stupid like hold up people to get enough money to pay senior graduation dues and by new fashionable sneakers using a gun and only you got caught would you turn your buddy in? What if everyone knows it had to be him holding the gun simply because the two of you were always together, stars of the basketball team, expected to get full scholarships to college, called black and white instead of by individual names. What if he is white and his father gets a top notch lawyer when he is arrested on suspicion. The lawyer is sure to get him off, while you stand to be convicted because you were recognized by one of your victims.
What would something like this do to your longtime friendship and your lives? Was it worth the results?


A Thief in the House of Memory by Tim Wynne-Jones

The house of memory is a grand old mansion that the main character's great, great grandparents built, lived in, passed down the generations. Presently he, his sister, his father and his father's soon to be wife live in a modern house built for them when his mother disappeared. They all visited the old house often. On one such visit - a man is found dead under a fallen bookshelf. Somehow this triggers memories of the missing mother and Declan begins visiting daily, remembering, searching for clues to his mother's disappearance and answers to his father's evasive and perhaps not true responses to his questions. Then there is the mystery of what the thief was trying to take and what role the statue of Plato had in the theft.
Its sort of a sad story, maybe one for Lurlene McDaniel fans?


Monday, September 26, 2005

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar

It could have happened to almost any basically normal freshman guy. Thats whats so cool about this book. Its funny too. At least I hope its funny to the kids going through this or who have just gotten through freshman year. Scott writes words of wisdom to his future little brother (mom is surprised to find herself pregnant.) It happened to my mom too so thats real. He tries out for student counsel, the newspaper, and student play all so he could be near childhood sweetheart, now beautiful, Julia. Only, he makes it and she doesn't. He doesn't stand up for Mouth, the talkative, friendless kid who tries to commit suicide. He does stand up for Lee the weird vampire wannabe nobody likes. He learns his hero big brother's terrible secret and that his dad is really good at his mechanics job. He and his friends from grade and middle school go their separate ways. He suffers through a bad Spanish teacher and enjoys his good English Class.

He sums it all up this way " Here's the reality of things. Kyle was once my second-best friend. Bobby was once my flawless hero. Julia was once my kindergarten pal. And I was once my parent's youngest son. Unlike cars, lives don't have a way to go in reverse."

jdw 9/26

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

What do you imagine Heaven to be like when you die? Fifteen-year-old Liz Hall is about to find out when she is killed in a hit and run accident. Liz wakes up on a boat called the SS Nile and it is heading for Elsewhere. Elsewhere is just like earth only instead of getting older, you get younger until you become a baby and are returned back to Earth. At first Liz has a hard time adjusting to the fact she is dead, and spends most of her days watching her family and friends back on Earth. After some time she gets a job at the Department of Acclimation Division of Domestic Animals department. Shortly after that she contacts her family through the Well and meets Owen. They begin to fall in love, but things become complicated when Owen's wife dies and comes to Elsewhere. As the years pass Liz has to retire from her job because she is getting to young to do it. She is then sent back to Earth and reborn as a baby.

Tom Burnham

Monday, September 12, 2005

Cinnamon Girl By: Juan Felipe Herrera

When I first picked-up the book I thought I was reading a story about an African girl. It turned out to be a Puerto Rican girl living on the lower East side of New York she was called Yolanda. It is a very moving account of what took place when the Tower's fell in New York City. How it affected a Puerto Rican family, how they delt with the tragedy. One of their family members was rescued out of the debris , & layed in a hospital bed till death. He was Yolanda's Uncle D.J., who was a diabetic.

This novel is written like poetry, & some words are in Spanish. I loved the book, & it was hard to put down. The novel is based on a true event that occured in the United States. It is very moving, & a tear jerker too.

LRD 9-12-05

Looking for Alaska By: John Green

This is a novel about teens, who go to a boarding school called Culver Creek. This deals about roommates, & how the friendships start up, or the roomates do not see eye to eye at all.

The novel dea;s with friendships between boys, & girls at the School , & the ins & outs of relationships. One relationship stands out with the teen girl Alaska. All the males at School have a crush on Alaska . But Miles is the male that completes the conquest of Alaska. Unfortunately, the teens drink too much secretly off campus, & one night Alaska has a fatal car accident. Everyone at the School is in schock, because she was well liked, but intelligent too.

This novel is true to life, & could happen to anyone. I reccomend this novel to any teen.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Fear Street Nights Trilogy by R.L. Stine

The Fear mansion is finally being torn down and in its place is a strip mall and a bar called Nights. About a year before the bar goes up Lewis and Jamie are hanging out in the area of the old Fear mansion. Jamie and Lewis are the first Night people. They then fall down into an old grave, which happens to be the grave of Simon and Angelica Fear. Little do they know that they were possessed by their spirits. Fastforward a year and accidents start to happen and then it leads to murders. In the second book Jamie's cousin Dana Fear comes to live with her and her family. She joins the Night people late at night at the bar Nights. Then one by one the night people disappear. Have the spirits of Simion and Angelica Fear returned to take revenge on those who looted the remains of the Fear mansion? And what does the spirit mean when it says "The Evil Lives"? In the third book everyone tries to put the murders behind them but when they start up again Jamie, Lewis and the remaining night people have to figure out if the spirit has returned, and if so what does it have in store for the night people?

Tom Burnham

The Sledding Hill by Chris Crutcher

Crutcher's books are all about the ordinary (not popular) kids that populate high schools and middle schools. Thats most of the kids isn't it? Eddie has lost both his father, who he is close to, and his best friend in the same year. Since he does not have anything to say to all the sympathic well wishers or anyone else, he just doesn't talk. What changes this? Two things, his friend Billy begins visiting him from the dead and an assigned reading book really becomes important to him. Those things are important enough that he chooses to share with Billy's father. They have many private discussions in the school's janitor's closet. A third catastrophe hits when his beloved book is banned from school by a group of fundamentalists. It looks like it will be banished permanently if he doesn't do something. With the help of Billy, Billy's father, Chris Crutcher who is the author of the banned book, and a couple of kids who think like he does, he sets out to stop the ban.


Monday, August 29, 2005

Pomegranate Soup by: Marsha Mehran

Is a story about three Iranian sisters Marjan, Bahar, and Layla , who leave Iran before the Revolution, and go to Ireland to make a better future. The girl's open a cafe called "Babylon Cafe" in a village called Ballinacroagh, Ireland. The people in the village were very shocked about the opening of the new cafe. Lone behold, their first customer was the village Priest, who becomes a regular client. Another frequenter, is the local hairdresser Fiona.

This is a book of scents, trials, aand triumphs of two distinct cultures. The novel is a detailed story with delicious recipes from the land of Persia. If you enjoy reading magical realism this novel is the example.

LRD 8/29/05

Monday, August 22, 2005

Lulu Dark can see Through Walls By:Bennett Madison

Lulu is not a qualified detective, by any means. She carries no gun, or even a switchblade. Her personality is quite imaginative . She (Lulu) is still a High School student. The whole mystery begins when Lulu's special Korean purse is stolen, when she does not even notice. Next Lulu is followed constantly, and watched everywhere she goes. This gives Lulu the creeps, and she feels uneasy. Lulu finds out that a strange girl is immitating her, by dress and manerisms. Even the same colors of clothing. It is very weird!

Finally, the police find a corpse in the water of a young lady.
This is a good mystery, which is very hard to put down. It keeps you always on the edge of your seat.

LRD 8/22/05

Thursday, August 18, 2005

boy proof by Cecil Castellucci

Egg is highly intelligent, highly individualistic and has spiky colored hair and eyebrows. No one understands Egg, except maybe her makeup artist father. Egg has no real friends though she tolerates some people, even a teacher or two. Egg has a crush on a movie personality named Zach Cross, who may not actually have the same personality he plays in TERMINAL EARTH.
Then this new student shows up, Max Carter. He's not put off by Egg at all. In fact, he seems to be her equal. Maybe he could understand her. Maybe he was worth risking friendship. But he is friendly and social unlike Egg and is already spoken for.


The Color of Fire by: Ann Rinaldi

This intriguing story revolves around the life of a young black slave living in a culture of fear. The year is 1741, and the people of New York City are in a state of chaos. Several fires have erupted in the city, and the people know it's no accident. The mob wants someone, anyone to blame for what is happening. They are screaming for justice to be served, all the while ignoring their growing inhumanity.
During all this, Phoebe is living with a kind, and caring master who treats her very much like a daughter. She feels safe, until the mob starts pointing fingers towards the slaves, who they say are responsible for the fires. Soon, Phoebe's world crumbles around her as people who she cares about are charged with the plot. Nothing will ever be the same, and soon Phoebe must make some decisions that will change her life forever.

L.B. 8/18/2005

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Midnighters: The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld

Jessica Day has just moved to Bixby, Oklahoma from Chicago. She enjoys popularity and also gets the attention of sunglass wearing outcasts. She finds out that she is a "midnighter" a person who can move during the magical 25th hour at midnight. Each of the other "midnighters" have a specific power. Rex is a seer, Melissa is a mindcaster, Dess is a polymath, and Jonathan is an acrobat. At the begining Jessica doesn't know what her power is or how she fits in with this group, but when she gets attacked by darklings, entities that exsist in blue time she learns about the midnighters and they must meet at the snake pit to keep the darklings at bay. Will Jessica find out what her power is so she can help the other midnighters out, and will her parents find out what she is doing at the midnight hour? Or will she be able to keep what she is doing a secret?

Tom Burnham

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

where i want to be by Adele Griffin

The story of Jane the older sister who is not quite normal and must take pills daily even though she is very intelligent and Lily the little sister who has surpassed her older sister is told in chapters that alternate between the two girls. For Jane it is a story of loss, her beloved grandparents died and her cherished little sister no longer has time for her the way she used to, before boyfriends. It is too much loss to endure. Lily too must struggle with loss, the part she may have contributed to the loss and finally she must move on with her life. Good for a cry. Lurlene McDaniel's fans this one is for you.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Close To Shore By Michael Capuzzo

This is a true story about shark attacks on the New Jersey coastline in 1916. It was a terrifying experience for the towns people along the Jersey shore, and New York Bay, and Intawaan Creek. It was so shocking, and frightening that beaches were closed for many months. This was bad for Hotels that depended on tourists for spending summers at the beach for holidays.

The white shark attacked five victims, who basically bled to death. The victims injury was so severe,and by the time medical attention was administered it waas tto late for the individual.

Next, we see the government putting nets trying to catch the monster as people called it. It really was a white shark, that was hungry for flesh.

I myself, grew up near the Atlantic, and Pacific Ocean. For some protection, we always had a shark net where we went swimming. We didnot take chances.

The book is good for teenagers, or even adults because it warns you not to go swimming in the Ocean in the deep. Stay close so you can touch your feet on the sand, and get to shore quickly.

LRD 8/05

Saturday, July 30, 2005

I am the Wallpaper by Mark Peter Hughes

I am the Wallpaper is the story about 13 year old Floey Packer. She is the younger sister of Lillian who is very popular. Floey feels like she is unnoticed and blends in with the background like wallpaper. After her sister gets married and goes on her honeymoon, Floey decides to reinvent herself. She is to become a more confident person and she will be noticed. The only monkey wrench in this plan is that her 11 year old cousins are staying with Floey and her mother for a few weeks. Then one day Floey finds out that her diary has been posted on a website. Her best friends read it and are at odds with her about what she wrote. Can Floey find out who posted her diary on the web? Can she repair her friendship with her friends? Can she get along with her cousins at the same time as all of this is going on?

Tom Burnham

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by: J.K. Rowling

From the start of Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts, we are greeted by a swarm of unexpected suprises and interesting twists. After enduring the Dursleys for only a short period of time, (which is a little out of the ordinary if you remember prior years), Harry is personally escorted to the Burrow by the great Dumbledore himself. As the story unfolds, we see a phenomenal change in attitude towards Harry by the wizarding community. Harry is no longer viewed by most as a deranged teenager crying out for attention. Now that the Ministry of Magic finally believes that Voldemort is back, Harry is now held in esteem by the public, and is even rumored to be The Chosen One. At school, Harry is constantly surrounded by adoring fans (mostly hopeful girls) and forms some interesting relationships. Dumbledore takes a stronger role as Harry's mentor and together they unravel Voldemort's most hidden secrets. All in all, this book only proves that J.K. Rowling's flair and charm continues to grow as Harry's story progesses. Ultimately, by the end of Half Blood Prince, you'll be begging for more.

L.B. 7/19/05

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Mango Season By: Amulya Malladi

This is a novel about an Indian girl Priya Rao, who left India when she was twenty to study in the United States, and fell in love with an American man Nick Collins. In fact, Prya becomes engaged to Nick. This becomes a problem when she visits India.

She returns to India to see her parents who are very traditional. They try to arrange Priya 's arrangement to an Indian man who she doesnot even know. Priya wants to tell about her engagement to Nick in the United States , but has not the nerve to tell her family the truth. Traditionally arranged marriages in India are not for happiness, and love, it is basically duty.

The novel is an insight into traditional ways that still take place in modern India. This book is worth reading.

Lois Denton 7/5/05

Sweet St. Louis By: Omar Tyree

This is a very appropriate love story, which takes place in an urban setting in St. Louis, Missouri. It is a played out love story between Anthony Poole, known as Ant, and Sharron Francis an ordinarry woman, who is clueles about men. Anthony is an auto mechanic , while Sharron works at a boutique at the Airport. Sharron has no car, so she relies on public transportation (Bus). On the other hand, Anthony has a car, and gets around wherever he needs to. In the book he is called the player, because he Anthony, has a way with women.

Anthony falls head over heals for Sharron , because she is so different from other females he has met before.

The novel is a very good read, and keeps you wanting to finish the book. The ending is not what I expected.

Lois Denton 7/5/05

Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Big Empty by J.B. Stephens

The Earth has been decimated by a virus known as Strain 7. The United States government has become a military dictatorship and the area of the U.S. west of Pittsburgh, PA and east of Reno, NV is an area called The Big Empty. The Big Empty is patrolled by soldiers who shoot first and ask questions later. In this area there an area where a utopia is forming known as Novo Mundum. Seven teenagers, all from different regions and backgrounds meet up with each other and head toward this utopia. They arrive at Novo Mundum, but what is next for this group of travelers? To find out read Paradise City the continuation of The Big Empty.

Tom Burnham

Monday, June 27, 2005

FADE TO BLACK by Alex Flinn

Author Alex Flinn is known for writing edgy books for teens. This story about hate crimes against an HIV positive high school boy is no exception. Who actually did what is buried in half-truths and out right lies. Why actions were taken against Alejandro are clear. But, this story more than anything is about friendship. Its about fake friends who disappear when things get bad Its about temporary friends who appear because you are a victim or a hero then fade away along with the public attention. Its about true friendship and honest friends.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Stained By Jennifer Jacobson

Stained is about two friends Jocelyn and Gabe who grew up together in New Hampshire. Every other chapter looks at an event in Jocelyn and Gabe's life as they were growing up, and shows how their friendship grew over the years. One day Gabe disappears and the whole town looks for him. He is hiding in an old house where he and his friends and Jocelyn used to hang out when they were young. It is revealed that Father Warren is sleeping with Gabe, and Gabe is gay. Gabe doesn't want to go home because he fears what his father will do to him. He then leaves the town and doesn't come back. This book is intriguing and it holds your attention. It is fast paced and it ties in with what is going on within the Catholic Church today with the allegations against the priests.

Tom Burnham

Friday, June 17, 2005

10 Things To Do Before I Die by Ehrenhaft

It all started at the Circle Eat Diner in Manhattan. An angry former employee threatened the diners with a gun and poisoned the french fries. Ted has just 24-hours to live a life time. His best friend Mark has made a list of items Ted must accomplish. And so they are off on a wild adventure accompanied with scarey symptoms of vertigo, gut pain, and tinnitus that could only be caused by the poison. When Ted collapses at the JFK Airports International Terminal surrounded with cops, hair soaked with beer, best friend Mark comes to the rescue. Ted wakes up in a hospital with a lot to sort through and new plans for a life time. This is funny in places and sad as well.
JDW 6/16/05

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Missing Abby By: Lee Weatherly

Missing Abby is a book about Abby an 8th grader disappearing all of a sudden. No one can find her. Her friends and family have no idea about where she could of possibly gone to or what might of happened to her. The last person to see her was her old best friend Emma. Now Emma feels that its up to her to find Abby. With only one little problem Abby did something so horrible to Emma that not even Emma her self can think about it without getting embarrassed and even crying about. Its going to take a lot out of Emma to put her feelings aside and find her old friend Abby is she up to it. C.V

Monday, June 06, 2005

In Your Face By: Shari Graydon

This novel is non-fiction very informative can help teens both male, & female understand, and be cautious of cultural pressure to conform to a stereotype. Teens, and adults are very swayed by magazines, television, and friends.

We tend to buy clothes that are the latest look, and dissregard personal comfort, or how it looks on us.

It would be so much better if adults, and teens would be themselves, and not try to immitate rock stars, models, or actors who are sometimes not real people due to plastic surgery, or loss of weight to mention a few examples.

I believe every teen should read this book to learn the insights of our true identity. Plus take into consideration the guidelines presented in this very revealing novel. It is good for boys, and girls. This novel is a must for every teenager.

L.D. 6/6/05

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Black Juice by Margo Lanagan

Strange and weird would be the two words to describe Black Juice. This book is a collection of 10 short stories by Margo Lanagan. From a young boy singing to his sister as she is executed, to a clown being killed, to an encounter with a demonic angel that helps a boy break free of his oppressor, these stories look into the dark side of humanity. Lanagan offers peaks into familiar shadow worlds that we normally don't think about. She pushes the boundaries of the human spirit that leaves your mind haunted by the knowledge that there is a dark side to us all, a side we don't want emerging from the depths, a side we want to keep hidden.

Tom Burnham

Friday, May 27, 2005


A wonderfully gruesome collection of cartoon stories including one in which members of the creeping cat society are being mysteriously killed, in another there are man eating plants, then there's the one in which a man's life is ruined when he falls in love with a girl he meets in a library. A mad scientist is tricked into using his fiance's blood to restore his father to life and her brain fluid to treat his own mysterious disease. AND ITS ALL DELICIOUSLY SILLY CARTOON FUN

Monday, May 16, 2005

Out of the Dust By: Karen Hessee

Billie Jo the main personality throughout the novel demonstrates enormous strength, courage throughout her ordeal. This book is written in free-verse poems, so the reader is able to understand the story. The story takes place during the depression in Oklahoma, when times were very hard to make ends meet.

Billie Jo grew up in the dust bowl, where farming was impossible, due to environment, and poor conditions of the soil. Farming was poor due to the dust that accumulated , andd no water available.

Billie Jo's Mother died when she was 14 years old in a freak accident that happened in the kitchen of their house. Billie Jo was often hired as a pianist, and made a few dollars.

After the death of her Mother Billie Jo decided to leave her home, and seek a better life in Arizona. She got on a box car on a train for three days. She did lots of thinking, and decided to return home. She now got along with her Father. Billie Jo's Dad, has a special lady friend Louise.

This book is very interesting, but true, and very clear about happenings in the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression. It deescribes trials, and problems in the 1920's, and 1930's in the United States. L.D. 5/16/05

Sunday, May 08, 2005

My Abnormal Life - Lee McClain

How would you feel if you were taken from your home and put in a foster home because your mom can't take care of you? This is what happens to Rose. She is caught stealing food for her mom and sister. Social Services becomes involved when they see how Rose, her sister Dani (who has Downs Syndrome), and her mom are living. Social services puts Dani in a foster home with other developmentaly challenged children, and Rose is put in a home where the mother acts more like a teengager and wants Rose to become exactly like her daughter. Rose attends high school, joins the newspaper, makes a few friends, and even falls in love. Underneath all of this Rose is adament about getting her family back together. She gets Brian to drive her and Dani an hour into the city where there mother lives, and while they are in the grocery store Dani runs out in front of a car and Rose gets her foot run over. After this Rose's foster mother, Dani's foster mother and Social Services all sit down and decide that Rose, Dani, and their mom will be a family again one day, but it will take time.

Tom Burnham

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Song of an Innocent Bystander by Bone

Ten years ago, John Wayne Grady held a group of people hostage in a Family Value Restaurant for 36 hours. Most survived their trauma, but the survivors were all hurt. They tried to live good lives. Some tried to do good, some gave in, some froze some did bad things. What happened behind those closed doors? Freda was there, she knew didn't she?

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Prom By Laurie Halse Anderson

Is a funny novel, down-to-earth, and speaks to teens in a way that the teens can relate to their own experiences. This is a story about what happens when planning the prom in a high school called Caceres in Philadelphia. Ashley, one of the main characters, who cares less about a prom, is the individual who ends up getting the gala dance organized. On the other extreme, we see Natalia who heads the prom committee, and is excited about the event.

The next minute, we see the Math Teacher, Miss Crane , take the prom funds. This makes for intrique, because the prom committee wants the prom to be held.

We find that Ashley's family comes to the rescue in helping. Even Nat, who is on the prom committee gets his eccentric grandmother whose native tongue is Spanish helps with the dance. The Principal of the high school helps, and some fellow classmates too. The prom turns out as well as could be. It takes placce in the school gym that has been decorated so well noone could realy tell it is a gym. It seem more like a ballroom.

The novel is so true, and could happen to any of us at prom time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Perfect World - Brian James

Perfect World is about a teenage girl named Lacie who lost her dad to suicide a few years ago, lives with her mom and younger brother, and Jenna, her best friend, is obsessed with sex. She doesn't fit in anywhere in the world. So when Jenna drags her along to be with two boys Lacie meets Benji, who has secrets he won't share with anyone including Avery. As Lacie and Benji's relationship grows they slowy reveal things to each other that they don't tell anyone else. They fall in love and this gives Lacie the courage to break away from Jenna and find a new best friend in a girl named Gretchen. Then Benji tells Lacie that he is moving to Portland to live with his dad. Once this happens Lacie realizes that in any world where she is loved for who she is it can be a perfect world. A very well written book. You can feel the pain and emotion of the characters through the words.

Tom Burnham

Monday, April 04, 2005

Shut the Door By: Amanda Marquit

This is a spellbounding novel written by a teenager who has a lot of potential. She captivates the reader from the begining of the novel to the end. It's a story about a family who seems so real to life in our modern world. It's a sad story, but true, how a stay home mother, and wife neglects her husband and two teenage daughters. The daughters seem to be trying to find themselves by living new kinds of lives. This of course is a dysfunctional family. The reader captures the inner world of crisis in this novel.

Lilliana and Vivian are the main characters in the book in my opinion. They are teenagers searching for their own identity in society. These two sisters have no support from their parents. Therefore, the teens take risks and disturbing transformations.

The mother, Beatrice is clueless about all her surroundings, and we see this throughout the book.
In fact, Beatrice seems to be going mad. Their father Harry no longer provides the closeness of a family unit that is needed,

The climax is when their father Harry is gone on a long business trip, and he reevaluates family roles and relationships. The choices made are earth shaking to the family. This novel reminds us of what happens when our support systems go and we become emotionally disconnected from the people we love the most.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I Can't Tell You - Hillary Frank

I Can't Tell You is about a guy named Jake who gets into a fight with his high school friend and now college roommate Sean over a girl. So after this fight Jake decides that talking leads to trouble and decides to stop taking and communicate by writing. Through napkins, placemats, receipts, dry-erase boards, post-it notes, calculators, e-mail, pudding, scotch tape, snow, and even toothpaste Jake finds new ways to express himself. There are also notes he never sends to his friend Xandra. Notes saying that he loves her and wants to be with her. After she starts seeing a guy Jake and Xandra pranked called one night, he burns the letters he wrote to her. That then leads to Xandra and Jake revealing their true fealings for each other, and it leads to a falling out between them. They are still friends, but not as close as they were since Xandra knows that Jake has feelings for her. Also, Xandra is dating some one else, which complicates things quite a bit. The last few pages of the book sum things up nicely. It is a quick read and was enjoyable to read.

Tom Burnham

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Leave Myself Behind by Yates

This book caught me by surprise. Its part mystery and part first love romance. A teenage boy whose father recently died and his mother move from Chicago to a small eastern college town where mom will be teaching. The house they bought is about 100 years old and is a fixer upper.
Thats no problem since the two have rehabbed before. But, when they begin to find mason jars behind crumbling walls, each with some memoir from someone's past they begin to search for the truth about the house's former residents. Mom goes from curious to determined to obsessed with finding who put the jars there and why. Meanwhile, son continues working on the rehabbing . When a neighbor stops by to welcome him to the town and his new school, it isn't love at first sight but the boys are attracted to each other. Eventually this attraction gives way to all the wonderous confusing emotions of first true love. Neither the boys love nor the mother's search for truth are easy or easily accepted by the town. This is a great read. Highly recommended.
JDW 3/23/05

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sophie by: Guy Burt

The novel takes place completely in England, & seems to be typical English country side setting. The main characters are a brother, and sister. Sophie, is the older sister, and Mathew her brother. Sophie is very inteligent student at school, and generally in life too. She is also very creative, but raises her brother.

Their Mother lives in the house with the children, but is a recluse, and doesn't have any time for her children. She is an odd bird.

The Father of the household comes infrequently to the home. He never spends time with the family. In fact, the Father does not sleep much at the house.

To me the novel unravels, and takes place in the daily activities of Sophie, and Mathew, or Mattie as the sister caalls him. Mattie has a recurring dream of an appearance of a ghost with a face that haunts him at night in his bedroom. It is so real, that he screams, and Sophie comes to confort him, and sometimes lets him sleep in her bedroom.

This brother an sister both have a big curoisity. They live a few miles from an old quarry. They climb in, and explore the quarry many times. Then they find a new hang-out which is an abandoned barn that they fix-up, and make like their club house.

One day they discover two teenage boys Steven and Andy inside. Sophie tries to be 12 in front of their friends. She changes her appearance , clothing, and hair style. Her brother is 9.

For me I liked the book very much, because the reader sees the importance of how sibblings can be. The ending is very tragic, so read the book. It is worth it.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Truesight - David Stahler

Thirteen year old Jacob lives in a colony on a distant planet away from Earth. Everyone in his colony is born blind. They learn about their surroundings by touching, smelling, and listening to everything around them. They follow the philosophy of Truesight, which brings unity, purity, and freedom to the people of the colony. A few weeks before his 13th birthday Jacob gets this searing pain in his eyes during a class exercise. He thinks nothing of it as more than a headache. A few days later he begins to see shapes and colors of everything around him. A few days before his 13th birthday his best friend Egan gets him to go and see a delivery to the colony that night. Egan does not show up and he runs into Delaney. She want to get out of the colony and will do anything to achieve her goal. They are spotted and both run away. The next day Jacob is told that Delaney is dead. No one will say how it happened. On his birthday Jacob gets his sight and he keeps it a secret until the next to last day of school when he tells Egan. Egan then tells the listeners and Jacob is pulled out of school the next day and is taken to see the high councilor. A decision is made that the only way Jacob can remain in the colony is to have his sight removed and his memory of the past few weeks. The next day comes and he is in front of the whole colony, and is taken away to a building to correct his sight. He then learns from Delaney's father that she did not die, she ran away. He decides to run away also. It is the only way to save himself. This book was a page turner and it holds your attention to the end. Once you get to the end you ask your self what is next for Jacob. This is the first book in a trilogy, so we will have to wait until the other books come out to find out what happens.

Tom Burnham

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Saving Francesca by Marchetta

One review describes this book as perfectly honest and perfectly real. Yes, exactly. Francesca worries about what others think of her and the kids she hangs with. She is so worried about this in fact that she doesn't realize what valuable friends they are. Sees that behind the obnoxious rude and crude image he displays, Thomas Mackee is a decent guy. Feels guilty when she laughs and is happy while her mother suffers from depression. Worries that the same thing might happen to her. Parties. She is deeply hurt when a boy who already has a girl takes her aside at a party where they were pashing while drunk. Has doubts about the new school she has transferred to. She is embarrassed by the trouncing the boys give the girls at a friendly basketball match up. And, she looks back at it all with a wry humor and tears. It's hard not to like Francesca and her story. I vote this best book of 2004

Monday, February 21, 2005

Diary of a Teenage Girl by Melody Carlson

The reader feels like ones life is being lived throughout the novel. Caitlin is the main female character throughout the book. We follow Caitlin's life through college, and she eventually meets the man of her life, Josh. Caitlin has known Josh since high school. We then have the opportunity to go through Caitlin's planning, and organizing her Wedding. One of her good friends Beanie takes the project upon herself to design Caitlin's Wedding dress. Beanie is a fashion major, and she creates a gorgeous gown for Caitlin.
Caitlin and Josh do not have very much money for the Wedding that they are planning, but because of their friends and family their Wedding is one of the best ever held in their area. Caitlin, the bride to be, is more concerned with following God's plan then having the perfect Wedding. Her future mother-in-law (Josh's mother) is always talking and taking Caitlin to search for her Wedding dress in expensive boutiques. So in the end the Wedding dress fashioned by Beanie is the most. The day of the Wedding at St. Mathew's Church the crowd was overwhelmed and surprised by Caitlin's dress. Her dress would be the talk of the town for months to come. The mother-in-law was left speechless.
This novel is well written, and depicts a typical college girl's thoughts on Weddings. The book also studies what goes on behind the scenes when planning a Wedding. I recommend this book to any female who is planning her great Event-Marriage.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

How I Live Now - Meg Rosoff

How I Live Now is the story about fifteen year old Elizabeth, who is sent to England to live with her Aunt Penn and her cousins Edmond, Piper, Isaac, and Osbert. At first she doesn't like it and is not accustomed to the ways of English relatives. After a few weeks she begins to accept her new surroundings and family. Aunt Penn goes off to Oslo for a presentation, and then a few days later war breaks out in England. Elizabeth, Edmond, Piper, Isaac, and Osbert start taking care of themselves, and a few weeks after the war starts the Military comes and takes Piper and Elizabeth away. They go to live with Major McEvoy and his wife. After a few weeks the Major dies and the house where Piper and Elizabeth comes under enemy fire. Piper and Elizabeth have to survive on what the land has to offer. They find apples, blackberrys, and other things for food. Eventually they make their way back to their home and after days of getting the house livable again Elizabeth's dad calls and takes her back to New York. Elizabeth goes back to England six years later and finds that everyone has changed. Some for the better and some for the worse, especially Edmond. I found this book to be enjoyable from beginning to end. It shows how war can affect everyone and everything, even if you aren't on the battlefield fighting. It also shows the struggle to survive in times of war with limited amounts of food and water.

Tom Burnham

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Eye Candy - R.L.Stine

Lindy Sampson is too gorgeous for her own good. Her beauty intimidates guys so they don't ask her out. Internet dating seems like the perfect solution and with an awesome cyber name like "Eye Candy" Lindy is getting lots of responses. Before Lindy knows it she is dating four guys at the same time! Everything seems to be going great until she starts getting creepy threats that warn: "Don't say no, Lindy. Keep going out with me. I'll mess you up if you ever say no." Now Lindy is forced to keep saying yes to dates with all four guys and hope she can recognize the killer among them before she becomes his next victim. Note: This story has a lot of exciting twists that make it a real page turner!!!

Monday, January 31, 2005

Orphea Proud Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Orphea's honest and gripping tale will be an inspiration to all those who champion individuality. One day, Orphea came home from school, and found all her personal belongings packed. Orphea had no clue what was going on. After a long drive that her brother took her to Virginia to leave her to live with her Aunts in the hills. Orphea's Aunts ran a country store.

Orphea's Mother Nadine died young, Orphea's brother Rupert was older, Apollo was Orphea's father who was a preacher, Lisa was Orphea's best friend. One day Orphea still wants to go to Queens,N.Y. to recite her poetry on stage.

This book is full of surprizes to the reader, which makes the book hard to put down.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Doormat By Kelly McWilliams

Doormat is about Jamie and Melissa two fourteen year olds who are best friends. They are also both involved in theater. Melissa is beautiful, popular and wants to be a model. Jamie is the reliable friend who would do anything for Melissa. So when Melissa becomes pregnant it is up to Jamie to help her out. Zach overhears them talking one day and helps Melissa and Jamie through all of this. After some convincing by Zach and Jamie, Melissa tells her parents and has the baby. Melissa's parents are not happy with what has transpired, but eventually they come to accept what has happened. Jamie and Melissa have both their lives changed, and have grown stronger because of what has transpired in their lives in the past year. This book is a quick read and grabs your attention and holds it until the end.

Tom Burnham

Friday, January 28, 2005


When mom went into hypertime, she got so sad she couldn't cope any more. She took off and left Heck to get by on his own, sometimes for days at a time. Heck was a super kid, a survivor, he kept going to school, getting good grades, doing wonderful art work. He liked to do good deeds. He believed they made good things happen. He Painted the picture of a street kids in hopes that this good deed would help him find his missing mom this time. He helped a little lost girl in hopes of getting food. He did many good deeds, but always with a reward in mind. His super powers worked only when he wasn't expecting a reward, only when the deed wasn't for himself. He couldn't find mom, he couldn't ask for help not even from his favorite teacher, not even from his best friend Spence in this story.

KIRA-KIRA by Kadohata

Katie rememebers the years before her sister died. The years in which everything that was delightful and glittery to Lynnie was Kira-Kira. For Japanese families in America in the 1950's life was hard. Few jobs were open to them. Both Mother and Father worked long long hours to make the dream of owning their own home come true. Money was always tight but family was important and Lynnie and Katie were special friends, sharing secrets, and hopes for the future. As Lynnie and Katie grow older, Lynnie becomes interested in popularity, makeup, guys so the girls grow apart, only to be drawn back together by Lynnie's illness. When Katie shares her experience stealing nail polish for her sick sister and other childish exploits this story is funny. When she celebrates Lynnie's life and learns from her own mistakes, this story is wise and hopeful. When Lynnie dies the story is achingly sad. This story won the 2005 Newbery Prize.


Saturday, January 22, 2005


Charlie had been living in the basement as punishment for so long he had a hard time remembering food, bed, outdoors in daylight. Then late one night after his parents were in bed, the only time he was allowed out, he slipped outside to relieve himself and was locked out.
He wakes up in the hospital and as if he dropped there from outer space that part of his life is over.

The spider father looms large and maroon, always threatening. The boy never experienced Halloween, Christmas, never went to school and once he is ready to leave the hospital he discovers he is terrified of outdoors.

Cheer Charlie along his way to recovery as you read.


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Playing in Traffic - Gail Giles

Skye is a Goth. She is also known to get with boys only to sleep with them and let them go. So when she takes an interest in Matt Colby he finds it hard to resist the mystery and drama that follows her. Matt is an almost invisible person. He isn't on any sports teams or in any clubs. He hangs out with Skye and gets involved with her. She then starts telling lies about her family to keep him with her. She says that her stepfather molests her, Lisa is her sister, and the list goes on. Eventually Matt, disguised as her tutor Bob, finds out the truth. When he confronts her she threatens to kill Matt's sister Katy if he doesn't stay with Skye. When Matt threatens to tell the police Skye pulls out a gun and tells him to decide who should live. The end of the book leaves you to decide what could happen or not happen. It is a quick read and the story grabs you, and holds you to the very end. I also recommend Inventing Elliot by Graham Gardner.

Tom Burnham

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Pepperland By Mark Delaney

This novel is written with frankness, and compassion. This novel is an unforgettable story of loss, and redemption.

Pamela Jean, nicknamed Jean, at 16 years old looses her Mother, and lives with her StepFather Syke . Jean hardly ever sees him, which is a good thing. Jean is a teen who is super interested in Art and Music.In fact, Jean explores the attic at home and finds an electric guitar belonging to her deceased Mother. Since her Mother passed away, she has become really interested in the Beatle Music. Her Mother was a big Beatle fan, and in fact left a sealed letter for John Lennon. The Beatles were a British rock group, who were popular in the United States around the middle 1960's. John Lennon, the man the Mother wrote the letter to, composed many of the songs the group sang.

Jean went to a shrink (Psychiatrist) after the death of her Mother. It didnot seem to help her. But it was a way of getting out her worries from her brain.

Jean also had a boyfriend that was called Dooley he was a painter. This is how he made his living.

The book tells how Jean becomes an apprentice after school, to repair her electric guitar, which is a Gibson model. She learns to repair guitars from a German lady that teaches Jean the trade. To me, this is a fascinating part of the book.

I personally feel, anybody who likes Music, and Art will be amazed with this novel.

LRD. January 11/05

Bloody Jack By: L.A. Meyer

This is an account of a ship named" Dolphin" that sails the oceans in pursuit of pirate ships . It also relates the story of Jacky Faber, a girl who dreams of being employed on board the warship Dolphin with an all male crew. Jacky is an orphan in London, tired of begging from perfect strangers.

Jack is no coward, and a very daring individual. She makes her interview for the job on board, and it is hired to be a crew member of the ship. She is disguised as a twelve year old boy, till the ship has a hole blown through the side, and is slowly taking in water. During the whole ordeal the Dolphin ship approaches an island. This is very convenient , because the crew can swim to shore.
There are many exciting incidents I have not mentioned . Read the book, and you will find out. My favorite is how agile Jacky is, climbing the rope to the tall mast. I personally, could never in my youth hoised myself up in the dark .

The book is very interesting, and holds the interest of any reader. I recommend this novel very much.

LRD. Jaanuary 11/05

Monday, January 03, 2005

Glory by Jodi Lynn

Glory Mason is 13 years old and lives in a rural Christian community in West Virgina called Dogwood. Dogwood is a small commuinty of about 60 people, and everyone knows everyone. They are like one big family. So when Glory gets in trouble for throwing a biscut at the reverend, she becomes an outsider and most of the people in the town don't even acknowlege her. Her own father won't even speak to her. On the night of the Christmas Eve party Glory and her best friend Katie go and play on the frozen lake. Then the ice breaks and Katie falls into the frezzing lake. Katie ends up dying. Glory is found guilty of the death of Katie. She is cast out of Dogwood and heads toward Boston. After days of crossing through the woods she finds a barn and takes shelter there. She is found by a boy named Jake and they become friends and over the following days she reveals to him her life, but not why she was cast out of Dogwood. He then agrees to take her to Shadow Tree, the closest town. What does the future hold for Glory? Will she redeem herself in her families eyes? To find out read the next three books in the series: Shadow Tree, Blue Girl, and Forget Me Not.

Tom Burnham