Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Leave Myself Behind by Yates

This book caught me by surprise. Its part mystery and part first love romance. A teenage boy whose father recently died and his mother move from Chicago to a small eastern college town where mom will be teaching. The house they bought is about 100 years old and is a fixer upper.
Thats no problem since the two have rehabbed before. But, when they begin to find mason jars behind crumbling walls, each with some memoir from someone's past they begin to search for the truth about the house's former residents. Mom goes from curious to determined to obsessed with finding who put the jars there and why. Meanwhile, son continues working on the rehabbing . When a neighbor stops by to welcome him to the town and his new school, it isn't love at first sight but the boys are attracted to each other. Eventually this attraction gives way to all the wonderous confusing emotions of first true love. Neither the boys love nor the mother's search for truth are easy or easily accepted by the town. This is a great read. Highly recommended.
JDW 3/23/05

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