Monday, August 29, 2005

Pomegranate Soup by: Marsha Mehran

Is a story about three Iranian sisters Marjan, Bahar, and Layla , who leave Iran before the Revolution, and go to Ireland to make a better future. The girl's open a cafe called "Babylon Cafe" in a village called Ballinacroagh, Ireland. The people in the village were very shocked about the opening of the new cafe. Lone behold, their first customer was the village Priest, who becomes a regular client. Another frequenter, is the local hairdresser Fiona.

This is a book of scents, trials, aand triumphs of two distinct cultures. The novel is a detailed story with delicious recipes from the land of Persia. If you enjoy reading magical realism this novel is the example.

LRD 8/29/05

Monday, August 22, 2005

Lulu Dark can see Through Walls By:Bennett Madison

Lulu is not a qualified detective, by any means. She carries no gun, or even a switchblade. Her personality is quite imaginative . She (Lulu) is still a High School student. The whole mystery begins when Lulu's special Korean purse is stolen, when she does not even notice. Next Lulu is followed constantly, and watched everywhere she goes. This gives Lulu the creeps, and she feels uneasy. Lulu finds out that a strange girl is immitating her, by dress and manerisms. Even the same colors of clothing. It is very weird!

Finally, the police find a corpse in the water of a young lady.
This is a good mystery, which is very hard to put down. It keeps you always on the edge of your seat.

LRD 8/22/05

Thursday, August 18, 2005

boy proof by Cecil Castellucci

Egg is highly intelligent, highly individualistic and has spiky colored hair and eyebrows. No one understands Egg, except maybe her makeup artist father. Egg has no real friends though she tolerates some people, even a teacher or two. Egg has a crush on a movie personality named Zach Cross, who may not actually have the same personality he plays in TERMINAL EARTH.
Then this new student shows up, Max Carter. He's not put off by Egg at all. In fact, he seems to be her equal. Maybe he could understand her. Maybe he was worth risking friendship. But he is friendly and social unlike Egg and is already spoken for.


The Color of Fire by: Ann Rinaldi

This intriguing story revolves around the life of a young black slave living in a culture of fear. The year is 1741, and the people of New York City are in a state of chaos. Several fires have erupted in the city, and the people know it's no accident. The mob wants someone, anyone to blame for what is happening. They are screaming for justice to be served, all the while ignoring their growing inhumanity.
During all this, Phoebe is living with a kind, and caring master who treats her very much like a daughter. She feels safe, until the mob starts pointing fingers towards the slaves, who they say are responsible for the fires. Soon, Phoebe's world crumbles around her as people who she cares about are charged with the plot. Nothing will ever be the same, and soon Phoebe must make some decisions that will change her life forever.

L.B. 8/18/2005

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Midnighters: The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld

Jessica Day has just moved to Bixby, Oklahoma from Chicago. She enjoys popularity and also gets the attention of sunglass wearing outcasts. She finds out that she is a "midnighter" a person who can move during the magical 25th hour at midnight. Each of the other "midnighters" have a specific power. Rex is a seer, Melissa is a mindcaster, Dess is a polymath, and Jonathan is an acrobat. At the begining Jessica doesn't know what her power is or how she fits in with this group, but when she gets attacked by darklings, entities that exsist in blue time she learns about the midnighters and they must meet at the snake pit to keep the darklings at bay. Will Jessica find out what her power is so she can help the other midnighters out, and will her parents find out what she is doing at the midnight hour? Or will she be able to keep what she is doing a secret?

Tom Burnham

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

where i want to be by Adele Griffin

The story of Jane the older sister who is not quite normal and must take pills daily even though she is very intelligent and Lily the little sister who has surpassed her older sister is told in chapters that alternate between the two girls. For Jane it is a story of loss, her beloved grandparents died and her cherished little sister no longer has time for her the way she used to, before boyfriends. It is too much loss to endure. Lily too must struggle with loss, the part she may have contributed to the loss and finally she must move on with her life. Good for a cry. Lurlene McDaniel's fans this one is for you.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Close To Shore By Michael Capuzzo

This is a true story about shark attacks on the New Jersey coastline in 1916. It was a terrifying experience for the towns people along the Jersey shore, and New York Bay, and Intawaan Creek. It was so shocking, and frightening that beaches were closed for many months. This was bad for Hotels that depended on tourists for spending summers at the beach for holidays.

The white shark attacked five victims, who basically bled to death. The victims injury was so severe,and by the time medical attention was administered it waas tto late for the individual.

Next, we see the government putting nets trying to catch the monster as people called it. It really was a white shark, that was hungry for flesh.

I myself, grew up near the Atlantic, and Pacific Ocean. For some protection, we always had a shark net where we went swimming. We didnot take chances.

The book is good for teenagers, or even adults because it warns you not to go swimming in the Ocean in the deep. Stay close so you can touch your feet on the sand, and get to shore quickly.

LRD 8/05