Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Color of Fire by: Ann Rinaldi

This intriguing story revolves around the life of a young black slave living in a culture of fear. The year is 1741, and the people of New York City are in a state of chaos. Several fires have erupted in the city, and the people know it's no accident. The mob wants someone, anyone to blame for what is happening. They are screaming for justice to be served, all the while ignoring their growing inhumanity.
During all this, Phoebe is living with a kind, and caring master who treats her very much like a daughter. She feels safe, until the mob starts pointing fingers towards the slaves, who they say are responsible for the fires. Soon, Phoebe's world crumbles around her as people who she cares about are charged with the plot. Nothing will ever be the same, and soon Phoebe must make some decisions that will change her life forever.

L.B. 8/18/2005

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