Monday, August 22, 2005

Lulu Dark can see Through Walls By:Bennett Madison

Lulu is not a qualified detective, by any means. She carries no gun, or even a switchblade. Her personality is quite imaginative . She (Lulu) is still a High School student. The whole mystery begins when Lulu's special Korean purse is stolen, when she does not even notice. Next Lulu is followed constantly, and watched everywhere she goes. This gives Lulu the creeps, and she feels uneasy. Lulu finds out that a strange girl is immitating her, by dress and manerisms. Even the same colors of clothing. It is very weird!

Finally, the police find a corpse in the water of a young lady.
This is a good mystery, which is very hard to put down. It keeps you always on the edge of your seat.

LRD 8/22/05

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