Monday, August 01, 2005

Close To Shore By Michael Capuzzo

This is a true story about shark attacks on the New Jersey coastline in 1916. It was a terrifying experience for the towns people along the Jersey shore, and New York Bay, and Intawaan Creek. It was so shocking, and frightening that beaches were closed for many months. This was bad for Hotels that depended on tourists for spending summers at the beach for holidays.

The white shark attacked five victims, who basically bled to death. The victims injury was so severe,and by the time medical attention was administered it waas tto late for the individual.

Next, we see the government putting nets trying to catch the monster as people called it. It really was a white shark, that was hungry for flesh.

I myself, grew up near the Atlantic, and Pacific Ocean. For some protection, we always had a shark net where we went swimming. We didnot take chances.

The book is good for teenagers, or even adults because it warns you not to go swimming in the Ocean in the deep. Stay close so you can touch your feet on the sand, and get to shore quickly.

LRD 8/05

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