Monday, June 27, 2005

FADE TO BLACK by Alex Flinn

Author Alex Flinn is known for writing edgy books for teens. This story about hate crimes against an HIV positive high school boy is no exception. Who actually did what is buried in half-truths and out right lies. Why actions were taken against Alejandro are clear. But, this story more than anything is about friendship. Its about fake friends who disappear when things get bad Its about temporary friends who appear because you are a victim or a hero then fade away along with the public attention. Its about true friendship and honest friends.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Stained By Jennifer Jacobson

Stained is about two friends Jocelyn and Gabe who grew up together in New Hampshire. Every other chapter looks at an event in Jocelyn and Gabe's life as they were growing up, and shows how their friendship grew over the years. One day Gabe disappears and the whole town looks for him. He is hiding in an old house where he and his friends and Jocelyn used to hang out when they were young. It is revealed that Father Warren is sleeping with Gabe, and Gabe is gay. Gabe doesn't want to go home because he fears what his father will do to him. He then leaves the town and doesn't come back. This book is intriguing and it holds your attention. It is fast paced and it ties in with what is going on within the Catholic Church today with the allegations against the priests.

Tom Burnham

Friday, June 17, 2005

10 Things To Do Before I Die by Ehrenhaft

It all started at the Circle Eat Diner in Manhattan. An angry former employee threatened the diners with a gun and poisoned the french fries. Ted has just 24-hours to live a life time. His best friend Mark has made a list of items Ted must accomplish. And so they are off on a wild adventure accompanied with scarey symptoms of vertigo, gut pain, and tinnitus that could only be caused by the poison. When Ted collapses at the JFK Airports International Terminal surrounded with cops, hair soaked with beer, best friend Mark comes to the rescue. Ted wakes up in a hospital with a lot to sort through and new plans for a life time. This is funny in places and sad as well.
JDW 6/16/05

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Missing Abby By: Lee Weatherly

Missing Abby is a book about Abby an 8th grader disappearing all of a sudden. No one can find her. Her friends and family have no idea about where she could of possibly gone to or what might of happened to her. The last person to see her was her old best friend Emma. Now Emma feels that its up to her to find Abby. With only one little problem Abby did something so horrible to Emma that not even Emma her self can think about it without getting embarrassed and even crying about. Its going to take a lot out of Emma to put her feelings aside and find her old friend Abby is she up to it. C.V

Monday, June 06, 2005

In Your Face By: Shari Graydon

This novel is non-fiction very informative can help teens both male, & female understand, and be cautious of cultural pressure to conform to a stereotype. Teens, and adults are very swayed by magazines, television, and friends.

We tend to buy clothes that are the latest look, and dissregard personal comfort, or how it looks on us.

It would be so much better if adults, and teens would be themselves, and not try to immitate rock stars, models, or actors who are sometimes not real people due to plastic surgery, or loss of weight to mention a few examples.

I believe every teen should read this book to learn the insights of our true identity. Plus take into consideration the guidelines presented in this very revealing novel. It is good for boys, and girls. This novel is a must for every teenager.

L.D. 6/6/05