Thursday, June 23, 2005

Stained By Jennifer Jacobson

Stained is about two friends Jocelyn and Gabe who grew up together in New Hampshire. Every other chapter looks at an event in Jocelyn and Gabe's life as they were growing up, and shows how their friendship grew over the years. One day Gabe disappears and the whole town looks for him. He is hiding in an old house where he and his friends and Jocelyn used to hang out when they were young. It is revealed that Father Warren is sleeping with Gabe, and Gabe is gay. Gabe doesn't want to go home because he fears what his father will do to him. He then leaves the town and doesn't come back. This book is intriguing and it holds your attention. It is fast paced and it ties in with what is going on within the Catholic Church today with the allegations against the priests.

Tom Burnham

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