Monday, June 06, 2005

In Your Face By: Shari Graydon

This novel is non-fiction very informative can help teens both male, & female understand, and be cautious of cultural pressure to conform to a stereotype. Teens, and adults are very swayed by magazines, television, and friends.

We tend to buy clothes that are the latest look, and dissregard personal comfort, or how it looks on us.

It would be so much better if adults, and teens would be themselves, and not try to immitate rock stars, models, or actors who are sometimes not real people due to plastic surgery, or loss of weight to mention a few examples.

I believe every teen should read this book to learn the insights of our true identity. Plus take into consideration the guidelines presented in this very revealing novel. It is good for boys, and girls. This novel is a must for every teenager.

L.D. 6/6/05

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