Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sophie by: Guy Burt

The novel takes place completely in England, & seems to be typical English country side setting. The main characters are a brother, and sister. Sophie, is the older sister, and Mathew her brother. Sophie is very inteligent student at school, and generally in life too. She is also very creative, but raises her brother.

Their Mother lives in the house with the children, but is a recluse, and doesn't have any time for her children. She is an odd bird.

The Father of the household comes infrequently to the home. He never spends time with the family. In fact, the Father does not sleep much at the house.

To me the novel unravels, and takes place in the daily activities of Sophie, and Mathew, or Mattie as the sister caalls him. Mattie has a recurring dream of an appearance of a ghost with a face that haunts him at night in his bedroom. It is so real, that he screams, and Sophie comes to confort him, and sometimes lets him sleep in her bedroom.

This brother an sister both have a big curoisity. They live a few miles from an old quarry. They climb in, and explore the quarry many times. Then they find a new hang-out which is an abandoned barn that they fix-up, and make like their club house.

One day they discover two teenage boys Steven and Andy inside. Sophie tries to be 12 in front of their friends. She changes her appearance , clothing, and hair style. Her brother is 9.

For me I liked the book very much, because the reader sees the importance of how sibblings can be. The ending is very tragic, so read the book. It is worth it.

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