Saturday, March 05, 2005

Saving Francesca by Marchetta

One review describes this book as perfectly honest and perfectly real. Yes, exactly. Francesca worries about what others think of her and the kids she hangs with. She is so worried about this in fact that she doesn't realize what valuable friends they are. Sees that behind the obnoxious rude and crude image he displays, Thomas Mackee is a decent guy. Feels guilty when she laughs and is happy while her mother suffers from depression. Worries that the same thing might happen to her. Parties. She is deeply hurt when a boy who already has a girl takes her aside at a party where they were pashing while drunk. Has doubts about the new school she has transferred to. She is embarrassed by the trouncing the boys give the girls at a friendly basketball match up. And, she looks back at it all with a wry humor and tears. It's hard not to like Francesca and her story. I vote this best book of 2004

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