Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sweet St. Louis By: Omar Tyree

This is a very appropriate love story, which takes place in an urban setting in St. Louis, Missouri. It is a played out love story between Anthony Poole, known as Ant, and Sharron Francis an ordinarry woman, who is clueles about men. Anthony is an auto mechanic , while Sharron works at a boutique at the Airport. Sharron has no car, so she relies on public transportation (Bus). On the other hand, Anthony has a car, and gets around wherever he needs to. In the book he is called the player, because he Anthony, has a way with women.

Anthony falls head over heals for Sharron , because she is so different from other females he has met before.

The novel is a very good read, and keeps you wanting to finish the book. The ending is not what I expected.

Lois Denton 7/5/05

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