Saturday, April 23, 2005

Prom By Laurie Halse Anderson

Is a funny novel, down-to-earth, and speaks to teens in a way that the teens can relate to their own experiences. This is a story about what happens when planning the prom in a high school called Caceres in Philadelphia. Ashley, one of the main characters, who cares less about a prom, is the individual who ends up getting the gala dance organized. On the other extreme, we see Natalia who heads the prom committee, and is excited about the event.

The next minute, we see the Math Teacher, Miss Crane , take the prom funds. This makes for intrique, because the prom committee wants the prom to be held.

We find that Ashley's family comes to the rescue in helping. Even Nat, who is on the prom committee gets his eccentric grandmother whose native tongue is Spanish helps with the dance. The Principal of the high school helps, and some fellow classmates too. The prom turns out as well as could be. It takes placce in the school gym that has been decorated so well noone could realy tell it is a gym. It seem more like a ballroom.

The novel is so true, and could happen to any of us at prom time.

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