Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Perfect World - Brian James

Perfect World is about a teenage girl named Lacie who lost her dad to suicide a few years ago, lives with her mom and younger brother, and Jenna, her best friend, is obsessed with sex. She doesn't fit in anywhere in the world. So when Jenna drags her along to be with two boys Lacie meets Benji, who has secrets he won't share with anyone including Avery. As Lacie and Benji's relationship grows they slowy reveal things to each other that they don't tell anyone else. They fall in love and this gives Lacie the courage to break away from Jenna and find a new best friend in a girl named Gretchen. Then Benji tells Lacie that he is moving to Portland to live with his dad. Once this happens Lacie realizes that in any world where she is loved for who she is it can be a perfect world. A very well written book. You can feel the pain and emotion of the characters through the words.

Tom Burnham

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