Monday, September 12, 2005

Cinnamon Girl By: Juan Felipe Herrera

When I first picked-up the book I thought I was reading a story about an African girl. It turned out to be a Puerto Rican girl living on the lower East side of New York she was called Yolanda. It is a very moving account of what took place when the Tower's fell in New York City. How it affected a Puerto Rican family, how they delt with the tragedy. One of their family members was rescued out of the debris , & layed in a hospital bed till death. He was Yolanda's Uncle D.J., who was a diabetic.

This novel is written like poetry, & some words are in Spanish. I loved the book, & it was hard to put down. The novel is based on a true event that occured in the United States. It is very moving, & a tear jerker too.

LRD 9-12-05

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