Friday, September 09, 2005

Fear Street Nights Trilogy by R.L. Stine

The Fear mansion is finally being torn down and in its place is a strip mall and a bar called Nights. About a year before the bar goes up Lewis and Jamie are hanging out in the area of the old Fear mansion. Jamie and Lewis are the first Night people. They then fall down into an old grave, which happens to be the grave of Simon and Angelica Fear. Little do they know that they were possessed by their spirits. Fastforward a year and accidents start to happen and then it leads to murders. In the second book Jamie's cousin Dana Fear comes to live with her and her family. She joins the Night people late at night at the bar Nights. Then one by one the night people disappear. Have the spirits of Simion and Angelica Fear returned to take revenge on those who looted the remains of the Fear mansion? And what does the spirit mean when it says "The Evil Lives"? In the third book everyone tries to put the murders behind them but when they start up again Jamie, Lewis and the remaining night people have to figure out if the spirit has returned, and if so what does it have in store for the night people?

Tom Burnham

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