Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Thief in the House of Memory by Tim Wynne-Jones

The house of memory is a grand old mansion that the main character's great, great grandparents built, lived in, passed down the generations. Presently he, his sister, his father and his father's soon to be wife live in a modern house built for them when his mother disappeared. They all visited the old house often. On one such visit - a man is found dead under a fallen bookshelf. Somehow this triggers memories of the missing mother and Declan begins visiting daily, remembering, searching for clues to his mother's disappearance and answers to his father's evasive and perhaps not true responses to his questions. Then there is the mystery of what the thief was trying to take and what role the statue of Plato had in the theft.
Its sort of a sad story, maybe one for Lurlene McDaniel fans?


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