Monday, September 26, 2005

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lubar

It could have happened to almost any basically normal freshman guy. Thats whats so cool about this book. Its funny too. At least I hope its funny to the kids going through this or who have just gotten through freshman year. Scott writes words of wisdom to his future little brother (mom is surprised to find herself pregnant.) It happened to my mom too so thats real. He tries out for student counsel, the newspaper, and student play all so he could be near childhood sweetheart, now beautiful, Julia. Only, he makes it and she doesn't. He doesn't stand up for Mouth, the talkative, friendless kid who tries to commit suicide. He does stand up for Lee the weird vampire wannabe nobody likes. He learns his hero big brother's terrible secret and that his dad is really good at his mechanics job. He and his friends from grade and middle school go their separate ways. He suffers through a bad Spanish teacher and enjoys his good English Class.

He sums it all up this way " Here's the reality of things. Kyle was once my second-best friend. Bobby was once my flawless hero. Julia was once my kindergarten pal. And I was once my parent's youngest son. Unlike cars, lives don't have a way to go in reverse."

jdw 9/26

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