Thursday, October 20, 2005

Code Orange - Caroline B. Cooney

Code Orange starts off with your normal high school student not wanting to do his science report. Mitty wants to become a rock star and doesn't see the point of doing some science report. At his family's weekend home his mother purchased some old medical texts from the 1890's and in one of them there is an envelope marked Scabs-VM epidemic, 1902, Boston. Mitty handles the scabs and then puts them back in the envelope. As he does more research into Variola Major he finds out that it is Smallpox. As the days progress Mitty believes that he contracted smallpox, as he starts showing symptoms of the virus. He goes on-line and says that he has smallpox scabs and doesn't want them anymore, which gets the attention of the CDC, the FBI, and illegal aliens. Mitty is then kidnapped and held for a few days. Does Mitty have smallpox? Do the illegal aliens want to use him as a carrier to infect major cities around the world, or use the virus for bioterrorism?

Tom Burnham

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