Monday, October 24, 2005

Fair Weather By: Richard Peck

This is a novel based on the World's Fair in 1893 that took place in Chicago, Il. It is amazing to me that we still enter one of the Buildings used in that Exposition Fair, yes, it is the Museum of Science, & Industry that most people have visited at one time.

The book begins where we meet the Beckett family who are country bumpkins, but poor farmers that make due with their situation. Even the Granddad lives with the family. Lone behold, Rosie Beckett receives a letter from her sister in Chicago. She is inviting the family by placing the train tickets in the letter envelope. The Mother in the end, gives up her opportunity to go, and lets Granddad go.

The Aunt in Chicago has to buy new clothes for the whole family if they want to go anywhere in Chicago. At the Fair they meet Buffalo Bill, who happens to recognize Granddad Fuller. They had fought in some Wars together.

The book was good, but not one of my favorites.

LRD 10/24/05

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