Saturday, October 01, 2005

Chasing Vermeer By Blue Balliett

When I chose this novel, I believed that it was concerning about the Dutch painter Vermeer. Little did I know, the book was to do with strange occurences that happened to two teens Petra, & Calder. An odd old lady makes friends with the teens, & at the same time an invaluable painting by Vermeer vanishes. Lone behold, Petra, & Calder are right in the middle of an International Art Scandal. Petra, & Calder are curious of course, & they pursue clue by clue, as they try to unravel the mystery of the famous Art. They try to rely on their intuition, & of course their problem solving techniques. Also their little knowledge of Vermeer. Petra, & Calder are getting deeper into the problem that the F.B. I. was not able to solve.
The book is a good read. Espcially, for people wh enjoy problem solving, & mysteries.

LRD 10-1-05

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