Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tree Girl By:Ben Mikaelsen

This book is very vivid, & can be thought of as a true story that could happen, & takes place at the beginning in Guatemala, & ends up in Mexico. Gabriela is the oldest daughter of a Guatemalan farmer . He allows Gabriela to attend school , when it should be the oldest, which is a son. Gabriela is called tree girl , because she enjoys climbing them, to see the sun rise, & what's happening around. Many times, & this one time Gabriela saw the guerilla's rape, & murder, massacre a complete town including women, & children.
Gabriela looses her whole family, but her little sister Alicia, goes days without eating normally. She finds berries, & roots on the trail. Gabriela's search for Alicia, & for somewhere safe to live, it becomes a search for self. She (Gabriela) hopes to claim a new life. Gabriela is only 15 by the way, & she eventually finds her youngeer sister who is became a mute from trauma. The little sister, Alicia lost her Mother, & witnessed horrible events. She, & Gabriela are reunited, & weeks of teaching her love, & attention Alicia becomes better adjusted.
To me the book is very exciting, & worth every page.
LRD 10-1-05

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