Monday, October 24, 2005

In Search of Walid Masoud by: Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

This novel is an outstanding novel of Palestinian Literature. I must admit, this is my first experience of reading Palestinian literature.
It deals with culture, and customs very foreign to me, but quite intriguing . The main character Walid Masoud of the novel just disappears one day.
Masoud is an intellectual that is a member of an organization that deals with the arms struggle against Israel. Walid leaves behind a badly made tape that no one can decifer .

The novel is exciting, but very complicated to understand all the intricates, and how the Western, and Islamic cultures work.

Towards the end of the novel, their is a woman convinced that Masoud is alive with another identity, and living in another city. The woman is so convinced , that she flies to that city to search for Masoud.
The novel is challenging, and a great book.

LD. 10-24-05

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