Monday, December 05, 2005

Lord Loss: by Darren Shan

Grubbs is just a ordinary kid with a some what normal family, some what mainly due to the fact that his family is obsessed with the game of chess. As the family gets ready for a ballet and Grubbs not really into it, he spends the day with his aunt. Grubbs though senses that his family is up to something and he is determined to find out what the problem is.

Grubbs finds out that family is still at home and he makes his way up to his big sister's room, knowing imediatly that something is terriably wrong. What he finds is that family is no more and the name of the monster that did this to him, Lord Loss. Can Grubbs get himself together and face this demon before it consumes his life and what is Lord Loss's link to Grubbs Great Grandfather that he has to worry about as well?

Shan is one of the great writers for young adults in the horror genre. A good read for his first book in the Demonata Series.

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