Sunday, May 08, 2005

My Abnormal Life - Lee McClain

How would you feel if you were taken from your home and put in a foster home because your mom can't take care of you? This is what happens to Rose. She is caught stealing food for her mom and sister. Social Services becomes involved when they see how Rose, her sister Dani (who has Downs Syndrome), and her mom are living. Social services puts Dani in a foster home with other developmentaly challenged children, and Rose is put in a home where the mother acts more like a teengager and wants Rose to become exactly like her daughter. Rose attends high school, joins the newspaper, makes a few friends, and even falls in love. Underneath all of this Rose is adament about getting her family back together. She gets Brian to drive her and Dani an hour into the city where there mother lives, and while they are in the grocery store Dani runs out in front of a car and Rose gets her foot run over. After this Rose's foster mother, Dani's foster mother and Social Services all sit down and decide that Rose, Dani, and their mom will be a family again one day, but it will take time.

Tom Burnham

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