Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Pepperland By Mark Delaney

This novel is written with frankness, and compassion. This novel is an unforgettable story of loss, and redemption.

Pamela Jean, nicknamed Jean, at 16 years old looses her Mother, and lives with her StepFather Syke . Jean hardly ever sees him, which is a good thing. Jean is a teen who is super interested in Art and Music.In fact, Jean explores the attic at home and finds an electric guitar belonging to her deceased Mother. Since her Mother passed away, she has become really interested in the Beatle Music. Her Mother was a big Beatle fan, and in fact left a sealed letter for John Lennon. The Beatles were a British rock group, who were popular in the United States around the middle 1960's. John Lennon, the man the Mother wrote the letter to, composed many of the songs the group sang.

Jean went to a shrink (Psychiatrist) after the death of her Mother. It didnot seem to help her. But it was a way of getting out her worries from her brain.

Jean also had a boyfriend that was called Dooley he was a painter. This is how he made his living.

The book tells how Jean becomes an apprentice after school, to repair her electric guitar, which is a Gibson model. She learns to repair guitars from a German lady that teaches Jean the trade. To me, this is a fascinating part of the book.

I personally feel, anybody who likes Music, and Art will be amazed with this novel.

LRD. January 11/05

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