Friday, January 28, 2005


When mom went into hypertime, she got so sad she couldn't cope any more. She took off and left Heck to get by on his own, sometimes for days at a time. Heck was a super kid, a survivor, he kept going to school, getting good grades, doing wonderful art work. He liked to do good deeds. He believed they made good things happen. He Painted the picture of a street kids in hopes that this good deed would help him find his missing mom this time. He helped a little lost girl in hopes of getting food. He did many good deeds, but always with a reward in mind. His super powers worked only when he wasn't expecting a reward, only when the deed wasn't for himself. He couldn't find mom, he couldn't ask for help not even from his favorite teacher, not even from his best friend Spence in this story.

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