Monday, January 03, 2005

Glory by Jodi Lynn

Glory Mason is 13 years old and lives in a rural Christian community in West Virgina called Dogwood. Dogwood is a small commuinty of about 60 people, and everyone knows everyone. They are like one big family. So when Glory gets in trouble for throwing a biscut at the reverend, she becomes an outsider and most of the people in the town don't even acknowlege her. Her own father won't even speak to her. On the night of the Christmas Eve party Glory and her best friend Katie go and play on the frozen lake. Then the ice breaks and Katie falls into the frezzing lake. Katie ends up dying. Glory is found guilty of the death of Katie. She is cast out of Dogwood and heads toward Boston. After days of crossing through the woods she finds a barn and takes shelter there. She is found by a boy named Jake and they become friends and over the following days she reveals to him her life, but not why she was cast out of Dogwood. He then agrees to take her to Shadow Tree, the closest town. What does the future hold for Glory? Will she redeem herself in her families eyes? To find out read the next three books in the series: Shadow Tree, Blue Girl, and Forget Me Not.

Tom Burnham

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