Thursday, January 20, 2005

Playing in Traffic - Gail Giles

Skye is a Goth. She is also known to get with boys only to sleep with them and let them go. So when she takes an interest in Matt Colby he finds it hard to resist the mystery and drama that follows her. Matt is an almost invisible person. He isn't on any sports teams or in any clubs. He hangs out with Skye and gets involved with her. She then starts telling lies about her family to keep him with her. She says that her stepfather molests her, Lisa is her sister, and the list goes on. Eventually Matt, disguised as her tutor Bob, finds out the truth. When he confronts her she threatens to kill Matt's sister Katy if he doesn't stay with Skye. When Matt threatens to tell the police Skye pulls out a gun and tells him to decide who should live. The end of the book leaves you to decide what could happen or not happen. It is a quick read and the story grabs you, and holds you to the very end. I also recommend Inventing Elliot by Graham Gardner.

Tom Burnham

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