Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Bloody Jack By: L.A. Meyer

This is an account of a ship named" Dolphin" that sails the oceans in pursuit of pirate ships . It also relates the story of Jacky Faber, a girl who dreams of being employed on board the warship Dolphin with an all male crew. Jacky is an orphan in London, tired of begging from perfect strangers.

Jack is no coward, and a very daring individual. She makes her interview for the job on board, and it is hired to be a crew member of the ship. She is disguised as a twelve year old boy, till the ship has a hole blown through the side, and is slowly taking in water. During the whole ordeal the Dolphin ship approaches an island. This is very convenient , because the crew can swim to shore.
There are many exciting incidents I have not mentioned . Read the book, and you will find out. My favorite is how agile Jacky is, climbing the rope to the tall mast. I personally, could never in my youth hoised myself up in the dark .

The book is very interesting, and holds the interest of any reader. I recommend this novel very much.

LRD. Jaanuary 11/05

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