Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sleeper Code by Tom Sniegoski

Tom Lovett has Queintin's narcolepsy, where he can have narcoleptic attacks that can last from 1-5 days. Little does he know that the narcolepsy is just a cover to who and what he truly is, an assassin. Right before a serious attack Tom meets Madison, who is spending the summer with her aunt and uncle who live next door to the Lovett's. After an attack that takes 5 days away from his life Tom is unconsciously put into the back of a black van and taken to West Virgina. During his unconscious state he has a conversation with Dr. Queintin and he explains to Tom what is going on. There are two personalities in Tom's brain and now is the time to merge them into one person. At first Tom doesn't believe it, but when he meets his double he starts to see that everything is true. He runs back to his parents house and Madison asks him where he's been and he tells her everything that happened. She doesn't believe him but when she is kidnapped, and sees Tom go after the kidnappers she believes him. When Tom and Madison learn that the Lovett's aren't really his parents and that the government is planning to blow up both houses, Madison and Tom must save Madison's aunt and uncle from being blown to bits.
T.B. 9/20/06

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