Monday, August 28, 2006

Over a Thousand Hills I Walk With You By: Hanna Jansen

This is a novel based on a true story which actually happened in 1994 in Rwandan, Africa.
It takes you through dangers of one family that some survive. Unfortunately, it was only the daughter Jeanne, who was able to escape the mass destruction of villagers, and hers too. The name of the tribe was Tutsi, which was Jeanne's ethnic group. Jeanne saw h0rrible events, and happenings which effected her for a long time. She endured lots, and survived not eating regular food, but had lots of courage, and endurance, and strength.

It's very painful to realize people go through many hardships in perilous times. It's very tough, but Jeanne makes the adjustments at first, but becomes sick to a point, that she is almost dead. She has recurring dreams.

Jeanne is a strong person, and gets chosen by a German lady who takes her to live in Germany.
Of course Jeanne has a better future to look forward now, being adopted.

If you like intrique, and excitement this true story is a must to read.

LRD 8/28/06

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