Monday, August 21, 2006

Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story by Eddie Guerrero and Michael Krugman

This is the life story of the late great Latino Wrestler Eddie Guerrero. Combining his famous father technique mat wrestling with that of the high flying Mexican wrestling Eddie has blended them both to his style to become the most famous Latino Wrestler ever in the history of the business. The book recounts much of the hardship that Eddie had encounter from being in the business. Eddie has been through many obstacles in his life, everything to death from his father early on to his close friends and the struggle of being an alcoholic and partying too hard on the road. Eddie was able even to overcome it all to finally reach the very top of his profession, winning the WWE Championship belt. He is the first Latino to ever hold the title. Sadly Eddie Guerrero passed away on November 13, 2005 of heart failure.


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