Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Banana Sunday by Nibot

This is a graphic novel. New girl in the high school, Kirby, shows up on the first day with an intelligent spider monkey, an intelligent orangutan and an indistructable gorilla. Needless to say, fitting in isn't easy. She is bullied by an obnoxious snob and pursued by a school newspaper photographer and the paper's gossip columnist. She must keep GO GO the gorilla from destroying any one and anything that appears to harm her. Its his mission to protect her.
Kirby handles the bully very well indeed. The photographer with chicken legs falls in love with her. When the gossip columnist discovers the truth about where Kirby's unusual companions really came from, she chooses to be a good friend to Kirby and remain silent. Its all great fun.
JDW 8/24/06

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