Saturday, August 12, 2006

Maximum Ride by James Patterson

Max is a genetically altered human with the ability to fly. She and several other similarly engineered kids live together by their wits. They once had a teacher/guardian but this person vanished. They are constantly being pursued by really nasty beings which are altered humans as well. Thus far they have mostly succeeded to evade them. All except the youngest who was captured and taken back to the lab of their origin for more awful tests. Max is the oldest and the leader of the pack but they all work together, share new discoveries about their many special abilities. They yearn to know who their original parents (pre experiments) are. They dread being imprisoned in the lab again where they are treated as animals. Max has also discovered human kindness and for the first time after she rescues a girl from bullies. Then is rescued from her enemies by the girl and her veterinarian mother. The mother repairs Max's damaged wing, treats her to her first hommade cookies. Tells her about the microchip embedded in her shoulder making tracing her at all times possible and helps her on her way. Max has been receiving messages believed to be from the man she once trusted as her teacher/guardian. They say that if the world is to survive she must save it. There was a lot of action here. The kids are excited about their discoveries about themselves and I MUST read the sequel. This is a great book

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