Monday, July 31, 2006

Rash By: Pete Hartman

This is a novel considered to be a comical mystery / adventure. The book has a way of building suspense, and great characterizations.

The character Bo Marsten is blamed for a rash that affects the whole student body at his high school. Then we see Bo sentenced to work at hard labor in the tundra of Canada at a pizza factory that's surrounded by hungry polar beans. Bo finds prison life to be boring, and dangerous. Bo is athletic so he plans on being a player on the factory's highly illegal football team.

Next, we see Bork, who is artificially created by Bo in a Science project. Bork tracks down Bo in prison. Bork offers to have Bo's sentence shortened.

Bo is hesitant to return to his old regular life, and somewhat intimidated. The book jumps from one event to another, but keep's the reader's interest intact.
LRD 7/31/06

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