Saturday, July 29, 2006

On the Head of a Pin - Mary Beth Miller

Helen, Michael, Joshua, Andy, and Victor along with a lot of other people are all at Andy's house celebrating Halloween. Everyone is pretty drunk and Andy pulls out his fathers gun and shows it off to Josh and Victor. Andy believes that it is not loaded, but it is and it accidently goes off and the bullet kills Helen. Andy and Victor want to hide the body and convince Josh to help them against his better judgement. They bury the body in a shallow grave. The next morning Michael wakes up and can't find Helen. So he assumes that she left to go back home. When he gets home he finds that his father kicked him out and he goes to find his friend Moshie, a former court judge. Michael goes to Pittsburg and news of Helen's murder reaches him there, and he hires a lawyer named Mr. Lockwood to prove that he had nothing to do with her murder. Michael goes back home and hides so no one knows he is back, but he encounters Andy, Josh and Victor are fighting about Helen's murder. Michael finds out the truth and Andy is sent to jail for Helen's murder.

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