Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle By: Avi

This is a book, and story that took place in the 1830's . The main character, female, Charlotte Doyle thirteen years old is from a well to do family from Providence, Rhode Island. Charlotte attended Barrington School for Better Girls in England . Charlotte's Father wanted his daughter to finish the school term rather than yank her out to the United States to attend school. The only problem Charlotte encounters after school in England is finished, is to get home to Rhode Island she must cross the Atlantic Ocean by ship. She Charlotte, discovers she has no family on board the ship, and she is alone without relatives. The trip normally takes one to two months during the summer. Charlotte's Father insists she keep a daily journal. Keeping the journal keeps the fateful voyage in 1832 detailed.

The name of the ship Charlotte boarded was "Seahawk" it was a brig with two masted ship that was 107 feet long. Charlotte had her private cabin, and at the beginning of the voyage treated like a Princess. Remember her Father was a merchant, and owned this ship. Charlotte had many things to learn on board the ship. For example, a knife was called a dirk , a small daggerlike blade six inches in length. Charlotte was given a dirk for protection.

The story goes on, and Charlotte becomes instead of a prim, and proper lady, and becomes like a sailor in ways of living, and in behavior. Read this book, and you will be intrigued of Charlotte's doings. This book is fascinating, and full of exciting events.

LRD 7/5/06

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