Monday, July 31, 2006

Broken China By: Lori Aurelia Williams

This is an amazing story tha could happen to any young female teen. This story takes the reader to a realistic world of a teen Mother, who is confronted with choices in her life.

China Cup Cameron, must quit school, and work full time to support her two year old daughter Amina. The only place in town that will hire a minor , and school dropout is "Obsiedian Queens" a strip club. To find out more about China Cameron's decision about her employment, and life in general, this book is exciting , and on the other hand very touching.

China Cameron cannot bear to attend her own daughter's funeral, or even visit the gravesite where she is buried. The whole episode of her daughter is topsy turfy. China Cameron visits the grave with trepadation, and gets very emotional about the event.

China Cameron has a close friend, and Father of her daughter. He advises Cameron on many issues.

Just read the book, and see more events that can happen in your lifes.

LRD 6/31/06

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