Monday, July 03, 2006

Deep By: Susanna Vance

This is an action packed story that will put readers into the magical, and real events are happening. The two main characters are Birdie Sidwell, and Morgan Bera, who are females. Both were kidnapped by Nicholas, a fake Australian who was a ruthless sailor.

Little did Nicholas know that Birdie had asthma, and without her inhaler that had medicine she could stop breathing. Morgan was very good looking Norweigian that had a lot of strength.

This book is full of events that most people would not be able to endure. Together, these two girls become friends and when they are placed in a small wooden crate to try to survive with minimal food, and water. They also have a way to go to the bathroom. Their next experience, is when crazy Nicholas places the crate down an old well. This book is full of happenings , in fact in some places in the book it becomes a bit scarry for Birdie . One has to remember it is a make believe story, so we must go on living.

This book is real exciting to read, and I recommend the book very much.

7/3/06 LRD

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